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  • Posted on: Yesterday 21:41
Cardinals dying 1 by 1 #1

So i bought 9 cardinal tetras from the LFS, sadly since having them one goes off alone and dies, i remove the dead body, another does the same. I am now down to 6 cardinals and 1 again is on its own. whats going on :( my params are fine

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
nitrate 10
Temp 28 Celsius

EDIT: they are with 6 cherry barbs, 9 zebra danios and 1 dwarf gourami, no bullying going on at all

Fishlady Fishlady
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  • Posted on: 16/11 13:27
Re: Fancy Tail Goldfish Attacking Black Moor. Advice needed. #2
Male goldfish will bother a female until she releases or reabsorbs her eggs. How long that takes is variable and can go on for quite a long time.

Unfortunately, due to the distorted shape of fancy species', it's not uncommon for one male to mistake another for a female due to the rounded belly and this can be a longer-term problem.

If this is breeding behaviour and not plain aggression the male doing the chasing will be likely to be showing breeding tubercles, which are small white nodules, typically found on the leading rays of the pectoral fins and on the gill covers, though in some cases they can be more extensive, appearing on all fin rays of the pectorals, on the head and even on the pelvic fins and body.

Whatever the cause of the aggression, if it's exhausting or potentially damaging the moor s/he needs to be separated from the others. However, if the moor is a female and is egg-laden, she may need a male's attention in order to actually successfully release her eggs.

awilks26 awilks26
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  • Posted on: 16/11 12:23
Fancy Tail Goldfish Attacking Black Moor. Advice needed. #3

I am currently having issues with aggression in my tank. I have a 90 litre tank with two oranda and a black moor, the tank has been set up for 8 months and the water parameters are fine (I am in the middle of cycling a much larger tank for them which should be ready in a few weeks). About a week ago the two oranda started 'attacking' my black moor. I then separated them for a few days (with a tank divider) and then put them back together yesterday. Within the day the oranda started chasing and attacking the black moor again. I have read online they do this when breeding but I am unsure this is what is happening, as the breeding aggression should only happen for a few days (according to online articles). I have had to separate them again until I can figure out what to do. It is very distressing for my black moor as its eyesight is bad and doesn't realise its being attacked until its too late and being pushed and nudged into something. I am worried it will become hurt then contract infections and die.

Please could someone give me advice on why this is happening and what best to do?

Thank you.

Fishlady Fishlady
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  • Posted on: 15/11 15:07
Re: Help please.. New tank, just added new fish and they die. #4
It's very unlikely that using RO would cause this unless the water you've "made" for your tank is very different from what they're used to. Did you by any chance test the TDS in the fish bags before you put the fish in the tank? How long did you acclimatise them in the bags and how many water additions did you make before releasing them? Just a note that your gH and kH are on the high side for the fish you had. Not enough to cause immediate deaths, but for soft water fish in the long term look to remineralise to gH around 5-7 and kH 4-5.

fcmf fcmf
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  • Posted on: 14/11 20:55
Re: Help please.. New tank, just added new fish and they die. #5
Very sorry to read about this.

The evidence of effectiveness for bottled bacteria or start-cycle products such as Fluval Cycle is very haphazard.
Rather than add any new fish, your best bet would be to set up a separate tank/tub with heater and spare filter in there for the snails, and do a fishless cycle on the main tank using this advice ... hless-cycling-article.htm so that the filter is pre-prepared to be able to process the waste produced by the fish once you eventually get them.
Alternatively, if there are currently fish in the well-mature tank that you refer to, is there spare filter media in there that you could use in the main tank? It would be safe to remove up to 1/3 of the media and that would at least speed up the cycle considerably in addition to the presence of your plants.

Someone else with experience of reverse osmosis water may be able to provide a view on it.

Chrisosaurus Chrisosaurus
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  • Posted on: 14/11 19:40
Re: Female Platy not eating and swimming aimlessly #6

I'll just wait until Sunday for my regular weekly water change before adding the snails back in!


Rushfreek Rushfreek
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  • Posted on: 14/11 15:36
Help please.. New tank, just added new fish and they die. #7

54 litres 60cm x 30cm x 30cm
HOB filter 450lph and sponge filter (20 gal rated) small power head for surface agitation
Co2 via bell type reactor
Heavily Planted: Anubis, Hydro Poly, Hair Grass, Crypts and various others
Eco Complete substrate
Air stone & pump
Dragon rock (from an existing tank)
RODI water with Equilibrium and Prime
Fluval Cycle and AQ salt

I recently decided to change to a RODI set up because of bad tap water in my area of the UK. Thanks to Seachem's techs for the advice and formula for the Equilibrium for the batch sizes.

Mid tank cycle I swapped out the substrate having decided the original substrate (in the tank for 7 weeks) was sub standard. It was, I believe causing all the live plants to die and rot really quickly, and cause really bad sulfurous smells. I put in Eco Complete to a depth of 1 1\2" (front) to 3" at the rear of the tank. I realised that this would break the cycle of the tank, but thought it was worth it. I reused most of the live plants, filter media etc, and dosed with Cycle to get the good bacteria going again. I have also added media and rock from a well matured tank.

After waiting 5 weeks (plus the 7 weeks previous) I took the plunge and added 4 Silver Tip Tetra and 2 Cory's and 2 Neritite snails. Within hours of adding them to the tank 1 had died. I then saw a further 2 of the Silver Tips swimming very erratically, mostly into the flow of my surface agitation pump. Both snails still alive as I write this. Did a 20% water change.

Within hours they both had died, and the Cory's were dead by morning.

I tested everything with my api kit, and the results were as follows:

Ammonia 0 ppm
Nitrites less than .25 ppm
Nitrates 10 ppm
PH 6.83
Temp 79.1 f
GH 10 drops
Kh 10 drops
TDS 291

So, please could anyone give me so advice to where to go next. Do I add more fish? Do I try something different to Fluval Cycle? Give up on RODI Water? Or anything I have done wrong. This is the first new tank I have set up in many years, and have never had this issue before.

Sorry for the long message, but any advice/help will be gratefully received. Thanks.

blubnugget23 blubnugget23
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  • Posted on: 13/11 23:10
Re: New Amano shrimp poisening? #8
Sorry forgot to mention I put a bunch of mts before putting in nitrospira
The guy at the fish store said the product "seed" would not require an ammonia source beyond that.
*EDIT* and I have more nitrospira in the bottle so I have actually continued to dose it after I got the critters so it has been 10 days of nitrospira: 7days of mts and 3 days of snails, fish, and shrimp

Fishlady Fishlady
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  • Posted on: 13/11 22:58
Re: New Amano shrimp poisening? #9
Unfortunately, dosing with bacteria without an ammonia source won't cycle the tank so now you've added livestock there's nothing to process the ammonia they produce. My guess is there is ammonia and/or nitrite in the water and that is poisoning them. Get a liquid-based test kit such as the API Master Test Kit to check levels daily and follow this guide to dealing with ammonia and nitrite spikes.: ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm

Don't add any more livestock until the tank is fully cycled.

You can read about the nitrogen cycle and fishless cycling (for future reference) here: ... hless-cycling-article.htm

blubnugget23 blubnugget23
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  • Posted on: 13/11 22:53
New Amano shrimp poisening? #10
This is my first post although I have read many posts here while I set up my 10 gallon hexagon. My goal was to put some snails, some shrimp, and a couple nano fish in a hexagon tank I found in my parents' basement (cleaned thoroughly with vinegar), so 3 weeks ago I embarked on setting up this tank. I set up the uncycled tank with java fern and weaping moss glued to driftwood. After the plants had been in for a week the moss did nothing and the fern started to go black from the tips down.

I then dosed nitrospira bacteria for the reccomended 7 days and went the store to get my first batch of critters. I picked up 3 nerite snails, 1 mystery snail, 3 amano shrimp, and 4 tiny endlers(probably young?)

I loved the amano shrimp right away because the largest shrimp did laps around the hexagon like all day and it looked real cute. The other two just sat around and monched, but now 3 days after introducing them to the tank, I see no shrimp action. The largest one hasn't moved from a leaf on the java fern, one small one is belly up at the bottom, and one is MIA. The fish and snails are fine. But I think even my big active shrimp is at risk since he hasn't moved much today. I live in Champaign, IL where they don't put chloramine in, so I treat for chlorine. The water is pretty hard here so I let it run for a couple minutes even before treating. I have a shrimp safe filter and a heater set to 78. *(changed to 77 today because apparently neocaradina can get cooked?)

Please help! Should I run to my LFS to have them test the water? Is my big shrimp I've grown fond of doomed?

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