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mcvtf7o8 mcvtf7o8
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Today 8:10
Nike Air VaporMax 3.0 Ember Glow #1
Resized Image

Per le festività natalizie, Nike Scarpe Verdi rilascerà alcune nuove iterazioni della silhouette VaporMax 3.0. Questa offerta viene vestita con una combinazione di colori Vast Grey, Black e Dark Stucco. Presenta una tomaia in Flyknit grigia abbinata a dettagli neri in tutto. Evidenziando la scarpa sono gli accenti Volt e Blue insieme a colpi di Orange sulla soletta e sulla linguetta del tallone.

Per le festività natalizie, Nike Scarpe Uomo Saldi arriverà in una manciata di nuove opzioni di colore. Una delle ultime coppie di superfici viene vestita con una combinazione di colori Flash Crimson, Hyper Crimson e Black. Presenta una tomaia Crimson Flyknit completamente abbinata a dettagli neri su una suola VaporMax a tutta lunghezza abbinata.

Inizialmente debuttato su Nike Scarpe Running, l'atmosfera "South Beach" è diventata immediatamente un blocco di colore base per Nike. L'ultima silhouette a prendere in prestito il tema popolare è VaporMax 3.0. Questa offerta della Nike Air VaporMax presenta una tomaia Teal e Black Flyknit con loghi Swoosh neri bordati di bianco sui lati. Lacci rosa e marchio sui talloni emanano l'atmosfera "South Beach" completata con una suola Black VaporMax.

Rilascio per i mesi estivi è una nuovissima colorazione "Desert Sand" della Nike Air VaporMax 3.0 Ember Glow. Questa versione è vestita con una combinazione di colori Desert Sand, Total Orange e Voltage Purple. Presenta tonalità beige e marrone chiaro nella parte superiore della Flyknit evidenziata con un logo Orange Swoosh e lacci viola.

mcvtf7o8 mcvtf7o8
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Today 8:08
Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 3 Blue Fury #2
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Para la temporada navideña, Nike Zapatos Mujer 2020 lanzará algunas nuevas iteraciones de la silueta VaporMax 3.0. Esta oferta viene vestida con un amplio esquema de color gris, negro y estuco oscuro. Cuenta con una parte superior Flyknit gris combinada con detalles negros en todo. Destacando el zapato están los acentos Volt y Blue junto con golpes de Orange en la plantilla y la lengüeta del talón.

Para la temporada navideña, las Nike Zapatos Rojos llegarán en un puñado de nuevas opciones de color. Uno de los últimos pares de superficies viene vestido con un esquema de color Flash Crimson, Hyper Crimson y Black. Cuenta con una parte superior Crimson Flyknit completa combinada con detalles en negro sobre una unidad de suela VaporMax de longitud completa a juego.

Originalmente debutó en el Nike Zapatos Nuevos, el ambiente “South Beach” se convirtió instantáneamente en un bloqueo de color básico para Nike. La última silueta para tomar prestado el popular tema es el VaporMax 3.0. Esta oferta de Nike Air VaporMax presenta una parte superior Flyknit en verde azulado y negro con logotipos Swoosh negros contorneados en blanco a los lados. Los cordones rosados ​​y la marca en los talones desprenden ese ambiente de "South Beach" completado con una unidad de suela Black VaporMax.

El lanzamiento para los meses de verano es un nuevo colorway Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 3 Blue Fury. Esta versión viene vestida con un esquema de color Desert Sand, Total Orange y Voltage Purple. Cuenta con tonos beige y tostado en toda su parte superior Flyknit resaltada con un logotipo naranja Swoosh y cordones morados.

mcvtf7o8 mcvtf7o8
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Today 8:07
Nike Vapormax Flyknit 3.0 Grey Orange #3
Resized Image

For the holiday season, Nike Shoes Running will be releasing a few new iterations of the VaporMax 3.0 silhouette. This offering comes dressed in a Vast Grey, Black, and Dark Stucco color scheme. It features a Grey Flyknit upper paired with Black detailing throughout. Highlighting the shoe are Volt and Blue accents along with hits of Orange on the insole and heel tab.

For the holiday season, the Nike Shoes Grey will be arriving in a handful of new color options. One of the latest pairs to surfaces comes dressed in a Flash Crimson, Hyper Crimson, and Black color scheme. It features a full Crimson Flyknit upper paired with Black detailing throughout atop a matching full-length VaporMax sole unit.

Originally debuted on the Nike Shoes Women White, the “South Beach” vibe instantly became a staple color blocking for Nike. The latest silhouette to borrow the popular theme is the VaporMax 3.0. This offering of the Nike Air VaporMax features a Teal and Black Flyknit upper with Black Swoosh logos outlined in White on the sides. Pink laces and branding on the heels gives off that “South Beach” vibe completed with a Black VaporMax sole unit.

Releasing for the summer months is a brand new “Desert Sand” colorway of the Nike Vapormax Flyknit 3.0 Grey Orange. This release comes dressed in a Desert Sand, Total Orange, and Voltage Purple color scheme. It features Beige and Tan hues throughout its Flyknit upper highlighted with an Orange Swoosh logo and Purple laces.

AikaH AikaH
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  • Posted on: Yesterday 23:20
Re: Cichlid jumped out #4
Thank you very much! She is still hiding but doing okay.

LotteH LotteH
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 20:58
Re: stocking ideas for a 40 gallon tank (uk gallons) #5
hi guys thanks for your reply’s! i did do some research and a lot of places said that as my white cloud minnows are so fast , they should be ok with the fancy goldfish. i’ve had these guys for a few months now and they leave each other completely alone and the little minnows are incredibly fast. i’ve provided them with loads of hiding space so i think they will be ok :)

Ever_Clueless Ever_Clueless
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 20:30
Re: Goldfish: sizing, company and types #6
Thank you both - I might well take you up on that Merpig!

As it happens, since speaking about it, I have found 2 tanks I like, one at 230 and one at 240 so I might just bite the bullet and get the bigger size, if I know I like it and can get it. It's also 4ft which from what I gather, length is better than a taller height for them.

Bubble eyes are sounding like the flat-faced exotic dogs/cats to the fish world. I've not yet went too far into breeds yet as I figure - work out the tank, work out the filter and set up and really dig into the fun part (which goldfish) as the tank is doing a fishless cycle. But definitely sounds like one to stay away from, from what you are saying. Also, I'd freak if they harmed their eye - not gonna lie.

I will read these links, first is what I seen this morning I think but second is definitely new so have a look and feel happy knowing it's trusted.

Phew. Back in the day, the guy at the coconut shy never told you all this when he handed you the fish, that's for sure. Remember I had one from a fair when I was about 5.

fcmf fcmf
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 19:32
Re: Goldfish: sizing, company and types #7
Hi Nic,

Yes - indeed, the internet is full of all sorts of polarised info, and it's extremely difficult for a newcomer to distinguish between the terrible info (I too know the site you mean) and the good info.

Without repeating Merpig's good advice, I'd add the following:
* fancy goldfish life expectancy is a decade or possibly longer for fancies, whereas bettas are much shorter-lived of a few years at best;
* generally now, advice from 'bona fide' sources is along the lines of ... esheet.php?caresheetID=83 - 140L for first goldfish and an additional 40/45L for each additional one; another source of good and more up-to-date advice written by respected names in the fishkeeping hobby is at ... t-size-tank-for-goldfish/
* too big a tank stressing a fish out - definitely not anything I've read about from 'bona fide' sources; possibly a very strong filter outflow might stress a fish out or moving from a small tank with a cycled filter into a large tank with an uncycled filter would, though (and these might be the reasons behind such a comment);
* I did keep a common/comet (think he was in between the two) and a fancy in separate tanks on their own, as well as a tank of several fancies - I didn't get company for the first two as I wasn't sure that they would accept a newcomer after being on their own for so long; they were fine on their own, and very interactive with me, but, in hindsight, I think they would have benefited with company of their own kind as I wasn't at home with them during the daytime - and the 'bona fide' info I've read would support having more than one goldfish;
* if you do upgrade tank in the future, then a 240L rectangular tank would be ideal for 3 fish (and there are a lot of folk who like odd-numbered fish so you're not alone);
* there's an ethical issue re keeping fish with bubble eyes as they've been bred into having these features which does create difficulties for them, so, ethical issue aside, they wouldn't be the wisest option;

Hope that helps too.

Dan12345 Dan12345
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 16:34
New pond #8
Hi all,
I'm in need of some advice, I'm just about to start building my pond. It will measure 3.5m X1. 83m X 1.20m and 1.20 deep. I'm wondering will the concrete blocks I'm going to order be strong enough to build with they are 440 x 215 x 100. With a single course of blocks, 3 blocks high. 2 foot on ground level and 2 foot below ground level I hope this helps Dan

dart56 dart56
  • Home away from home
  • Home away from home
  • Posted on: Yesterday 16:29
Re: Planted Tank / Carbon Media #9
awesome thanks, the lighting is pretty good - its the Juwel 190 Corner with LED lighting so i'll see how it goes with that, thanks for the help.

merpig merpig
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 16:27
Re: Goldfish: sizing, company and types #10
No problem at all - I was one of those novices that won their first goldfish at a fair and had to do a lot of quick learning! Kudos to you for doing your research first.

Any questions on filtration etc I'd be happy to have a go at!

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