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Category: Marine

Author: coffeecup (5:48 pm)
Can anyone tell me how to remove the protein skimmer pump
from my nano tank It is well and truly stuck
Category: Marine

Author: Critch (4:09 pm)
Just a little update,

Recent additions to the tank, Obi has gone to a better home he was not happy in the tank by himself, and was not aware they are not really a beginner fish despite what i had read & was told,

Pics in this order..

Hammer coral,
Original Image
Sun coral,
Original Image
Pink polyp,
& Pair of clowns,now don't worry these guys are only just 1 inch in size so are teeni weeni and this is just a temp home..Just scaping My old 90ltr tank ;-0
Original Image
Category: Marine

Author: Critch (1:17 pm)
Okay so heres what i have now

35ltr Arc,

6 kg Live rock 1 kg more added had a slight move about

1 Korolla nano 900 powerhead
1 Mini filter with Activated carbon & Phosphate remover.
(Soon to be changed to Interpet 150 canister filter, when it finds a home in the kitchen.but this could be months away)

weekly 10 ltr water changes,


1 Gobiodon okinawae Called Obi
1 red legged Hermit Crab (new) (Hermes)
2 x Rhynchocinetes durbanensis that eats some of my corals (new) no names as yet

3 x Acapora of various colours this changes as The shrimps eat them 4 were given to me but i doo need to find something they will not eat,so far they have fully eaten one not sure about the others,they seem not to eat the Stag horn, or maybe they have not found it yet..

will post pics whan i get home
Category: Marine

Author: Critch (3:36 pm)
Tank: Arc 40 ltr
Lights: T8 15W Powerglo
4x 24 White & blue Leds
Power Head: Koralia Nano 900
& 400ltr Powerhead till i get another koralia,
Filter: Berlin method
7kg of Fiji live rock,
Twice weekly water changes 10ltrs. to keep the Nitrates Low..
no skimmer as yet..

Added A Single Yellow Clown Goby, called Obi
due to his latin name Gobiodon okinawae.

Update 4 Frag corals now added, once i have the correct names, will post with Pics

Original Image
Category: Marine

Author: marcusblackcat (10:40 pm)
Just finished building my tank and am about to start on the putting the water etc in... Will updaste once I get somewhere - also my first post on here
Category: Marine

Author: EagleC (12:25 am)
Hi guys,
Things are still going well. Maintenance is manageable again and touch wood the tank is healthy. Nitrates went up suddenly right before the puffer went in. Up to 20ppm. Not sure exactly what happened there but they're back down to zero again. I've learned about ionic balance and all the parameters are being kept right spot on what I want without problems. One help was using kalkwasser for top ups, this maintained the KH and PH. Another was the TMC calcium, possibly because it also contains organic carbon which I don't really understand very much but read something about it when I looked up "vodka dosing" and seems to be to do with redox.... whatever it is, since the TMC Calcium and the kalkwasser things have been a lot stabler between water changes. oh, I also swapped the 80W T5 on the sump for 11W and the algae is growing properly now.

Behaviour wise there have been a few surprises, first Lenny the Algae Blennie has quite an attitude. Often biting my hand when I reach in to refresh the algae on the clip but also taking the occasional peck at the puffer. The puffer doesn't appear to notice or mind and that's another surprise. I was expecting a little bit of carnage when he went in there. Realising that my corals, crabs and snails where all at risk but also being advised by LHG that the puffer may turn on the fish was a bit of a worry. I know its early days but currently he's not showing any signs of being a threat. Quite the opposite in fact which is a little concerning. I noticed the night before last that his tail was a little frayed. Nothing severe but not right.
Several hours of tank watching later and eventually last night I see the culprit. While the puffer hides in a cave most of the day he is looking out the front of the tank in the evenings and early mornings and occasionally Dory (the cowardly regal tang) will bite his tail.
This is a problem, partly because its stressing and damaging the puffer although he seems not to worry too much but also because if he does decide to retaliate it would probably be the end of Dory. Not sure what to do about this but if it doesn't stop then I guess one of them is going to have to be rehomed.
Another surprise was the puffers swimming ability, daft really seeing as its a fish but I've always read they're such poor swimmers that flow should be kept down at least for part of the tank. Looking at him, well to put it delicately he's not the most streamlined of creatures is he? Yet, I've held his food directly in front of a 3000lph powerhead and he wasn't phased by it in the slightest. Watching him he swims ... well, like a fish, more or less. Actually its more like some sort of mutant underwater hummingbird but effective enough that he can keep pace with dory when there is food at the far end of the tank.

As for being messy eaters... wow, aren't they just. He'll take half a North Atlantic prawn in one and then clouds bellow out his gills making the entire tank into a snow storm. It's an unbelievably quick and effective way of getting shredded prawn into every corner of the tank.

Original Image
Devil's Fingers, relocated after being attacked one night - before puffers arrival. Was that Dory the regal tang or Fozzie the teddy bear crab? Fozzie got the blame but since then I've placed a new peice of live rock where it was and seen dory smack the rock around with her tail obviously very offended at its existence.

Original Image
Still like the mushrooms, cant get over how much they flouress under the moonlights. They've grown well... will they spread off their rock naturally, or is this as far as they go without human interferance?

Original Image
Decided to try a Xenia, thought it might have been a huge mistake as it was going in only days before the puffer. It's doing quite well though and I'm hoping it will start to spread up the rock its next to.

Original Image
Dory and "the puffer", I've been calling him "the puffer" in this post because we are still arguing about a name. My wife wants to call him Beaky, the kids want to call him Porky or Bloat and I've started calling him Puffy which we all think is a really bad name, but it seems to have stuck.

Original Image
An overview of the tank, a little too much algae but I did say there was a small nitrate spike and I wanted to keep Lenny well fed, now he seems to only want to eat from the clip so its not going down very quickly!

So what where my targets... fish only tank with live rock and all for under ?100. I've probably spent closer to ?4000 over the last year and I've got a reef tank all be it a light on corals. I've had lots of bright ideas and most of them have cost me a considerable amount of time and money. I've learned loads and love my tank, not because its the best (obviously its not) but because its all mine, mistakes and all.

That brings this series of blogs to a close. No doubt I'll post more about my tanks development but from initial half-baked design through complete failure of budget and finally to half-baked completion this is my tank.

So, what's the next plan? Well, actually I want to put a 5' tank in the living room to replace this one but the sump will stay in the dining room. That's some way off though as I need to recover my credit , with the bank and the wife!
Category: Marine

Author: hedge82 (10:32 am)
as promised i have started a blog for my new Aquamarine 900. your comments and help would be appreciated :)

Hi there and welcome to my blog. Here i will take you on a journey through the life of my first real marine tank. i already have a small marine tank on the go but am about to venture into something a bit bigger and better.

unfortunately things haven't started well, although my new tank was delivered today, it came without my filtration system or cabinet to house it all

never mind, that has been sorted out and the rest of my order should be delivered soon.

in the meantime take a look at some of the pics of my smaller tank and check out some of the bits i had delivered today.

Original Image

This is the small currently holds 2 x Percula Clownfish, 1 x Half Black Angel, 1 x Tiger Goby and 2 Hermit Crabs.

Original Image

As you can see, the new tank is much bigger....oh i can't wait to get it up and running!! lol

Original Image

This is one of the Clowns and the Half Black swimming around together....they get on really well together.

Original Image

Finally here is the Tiger little thing who likes to rumage around on the tank bed.
Category: Marine

Author: Anthonyj (7:43 am)
Hi All

Firstly let me say that it is because of this site that i took the plunge and got my first Nano Tank. I have purchased a Orca TL-550 which has now been running for 11 days. Day 1 the water went in which was purchased from my lfs, day 3 13.5kgs of live rock went in and I must say that the life coming out of this rock has been amazing so far. I have counted around 5 tube worms, a crab, about 6 Brittle star fish and some other unknown items. On my return from work last night i noticed that there is a lot of rust coloured algae on the top of most of the live rock and some pink algae forming around the base of others, is this normal?? I also have hundreds of little white lice like creatures on the glass and around the back section of the orca, is this normal (hundreds of the guys)How do i know if the UV sterilizer is actualy on and working (all is see is a little box on the outside of the tank that has a red light, my understanding is that this is the item that supplies power for the uv light but i am not sure if it is on and working)? considering that it is now day 11 and things seem to be going well when should it be safe to add my fish (a pair of clowns, a gobby, some cleaner shrimp and two hermit crabs) any help would be great, thanks guys.
Category: Marine

Author: EagleC (11:05 pm)
ok, its been a over month since the last blog. I suppose you're all wondering how things are going? No? Just glad I shut up for 5 weeks perhaps?

Well, lets see... no more deaths and no further signs of illness. Thats a bonus. Dory is making a recovery after treatment with metronidazole for hexamita (causing HLLE) which seems the last of her ailments. Fingers crossed, and thats not far short of miraculous.

While I was waiting for the meds I rebuilt the sump baffles from glass. Word of advice, get the glass cut 2mm shorter than you need to allow for exansion and dodgey glaziers' measures. It all fits, water tight and works like a dream. The biggest problem was the drain down to the display tank as it was dragging in air bubbles. I fixed this eventually with a sealed standpipe and a hole drilled to an exact measurement to allow just enough water to flow down the pipe when there is 4cm of water pressure on it. No space for air to get in. This is balanced against the inlet flow from the pump. The joys of an overhead sump

Good news is its been tested and cross tested and the flow rate through the hole increases as the water builds up even by a few cm so it wont overflow (yes, I am touching that wood again). If I was to design the sump again I'd place two drains, one for emergency overflow.

I added a TMC V2-800 skimmer as planned. Had to buy it new though. That draws from the last chamber and delivers to the first adding another 2800lph of flow over the mudbed. Oh yes, I bought nearly ?100 of mud too for the main section at the back. Mineral mud and some of the kent biosediment stuff too that was on special. Topped off with a little live sand. You can see in the picture I've used masking tape to mark the acceptable high and low water levels as an early alert should flow in one section change at any point.
Original Image

I also replaced the main pump for an eheim of slightly higher power and placed it inside an eggcrate box so it could be well hidden under the rocks without getting blocked.
Original Image

The UV has returned to the display tank with Dory. This pumps from the last section to the 3rd.

Yes that right, Dory is back in the display tank! The humbug damsels remain in quarantine for now.

Other additions are nightlights from ebay:
Original Image
and you might be able to spot an "Encrusting Leather" Coral which was bought today.

Still to do... I still have more algae than I want, both cyno and hairy so a DIY phosphate reactor is on the cards and I'm playing with the direction of the powerheads. I want to remake the facia of the cabinet for easier access without unscrewing the doors, which should be straight forward enough.

Over the next 4 weeks I need to decide on the humbugs. Then they either go back into the tank or returned to the store.
Category: Marine

Author: EagleC (1:32 am)
Wow, well after 2 months of disaster I now have the surviving fish in quarantine.

Lesson learned - ALL fish need to be quarantined and clear of disease for at least 2 months prior to introducing to the main tank.

I have 5 humbug damsels and the regal tang left. All the others are dead mainly thanks to Brooklynella. The main tank has to remain isolated from fish systems (and water from fish systems) for 2 months to rid all traces of the parasite. Getting the fish out of the display tank required that I drain it and take all the live rock out essentailly destroying the first 3 months of work. All for the sake of proper quarantine.

I added some more cerith snails and hermit crabs to the tank and then began its isolation. At this rate it will be May before it has fish again.
I also drained the sump, cut out all the baffles and redesigned the layout.
Original Image

Being nearly all the way back to square one after trying so hard and having only a £100 of dead fish to show for it is devistating, depressing, demoralising and heart rending. Right now if I was able to take it all back to August I'd have used the tank for the goldfish, or not bought it at all.

Hopefully things will be brighter next time.

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