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Category: Coldwater

Author: Karen (9:52 pm)

I have a gold fish who is 8 years old and about 7 inches long. All of a sudden her eyes have gone white in the centre. Struggling to know if it's cloudy eye or not. Does anyone know how to know?

Category: Coldwater

Author: GenericFishUsername5 (3:24 am)
HHi all, I am an amatuer fish keeper with 2 goldfish in an 8.5 gallon tank. However I am struggling, in August my 2 fish recovered from an ICH infestation and ever since then the tank has gone downhill. No matter how many times I replace the water and the filter these particles that are floating in the water wont disappear. I can tell this is stressing out the fish as when I feed them they consistantly open and close there mouths in a manner that makes it seem that they are ingesting the potentially dangerous particles. Im really hoping to fix this soon, I am thinking that I should completely replace the water but I do not know the consequences of doing this, if somebody could give me some advice on what to do I would really appreciate it!
Category: Coldwater

Author: silver moon (9:40 pm)
Hello. I wonder if any one can help. I have a cold water fancy tail goldfish?. He's about 8 approx 12 ins long. I have had him from a baby. Leonard :) so he means a great deal to me. He's excellent condition. What is the problem is I am going to live on a yacht so can not take him. I need to find a good home for him, not having much luck at the moment. I hoped one of you on her could give me some advice, point me in the right direction. I am Newcastle based. Thanks
Category: Coldwater

Author: Joanne (11:12 am)
I know I haven't posted in quite some time, so I'm sorry for this being a sad return.

I woke this morning to find George belly up between the filter and heater. I'm a little bit heart broken.

I tried for half an hour to revive her, moving her right side up around the tank hoping water through the gills would do something, gently tapping the underside of her tummy while I did so. Nothing happened. She's gone.

I just want to thank everyone who replied to my posts when I first aquired George and helped me get on my feet with her care. Without you she wouldn't have had a better past four years than her entire sixteen put together.

Even now there's little thread veins in her tail where she was still trying to repair from all the past years of damage, so losing her while she was still trying to grow, it's just made me start crying again.

My sister confirms she was ten years old when George came to the family, making George two months short of seventeen

She weighed 275g and measured 13.5 inches tail to mouth. A far cry from the weak yellow tiddler I took in four years ago.

George, you little champion of resilience and hope. You will be missed.

I've never wanted fish to have eyelids more than I do now so they could close.

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Category: Coldwater

Author: KMJMP (12:23 pm)
I started doing a fishless cycle two months ago for my 55 litre coldwater tank.I have been getting regular water checks and my ammonia is always either too high or too low. recently the guys at pets at home have said just to empty the tank and start the cycle all over again.

Before I do that does anyone know how to fix this or maybe what I am doing wrong?

I add food regularly and remove it a day or two later. I had used tetra safe start as well as tetra biological bacteria.

My results for today's water test are :
ammonia 0.50-2.0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 5.0-20ppm
PH 7

Any advice is much appreciated.

Category: Coldwater

Author: KendallKid (9:03 pm)
Please see the photo in Photo Gallery. I have had both these hermit crabs for about seven years. Last week one of them shed and came out with orange legs instead of red ? any ideas why this could happen..?
Category: Coldwater

Author: crabby platy (3:33 pm)
Hi fellow fish keepers,
I have a query regarding my platys, we have 5 girls and one boy in a 60 litre bi orb tank with fresh weed, and water quality is fine,
when we first put them in they swam around lovely, but the past 3 weeks they only swim when the room is dark , so it's hard to see them.
we have guessed it is because they are scared, but do any of you guys have any ideas to encourage them to swim around again?
Any suggestions greatly received as we have a very bare looking tank at the mo!!
Category: Coldwater

Author: El-Finn (10:52 pm)
Any help much appreciated!
I am one week into my tank set up which has two Pearl Scales, two small black moores and two small celestrial eyes! Alls been going well apart from Loki the pearl scale. He appears to be suffering from swim bladder & cloudy eye. He didn't look fantastic when I first bought him but of never come across the colour of pearl scale he is so I snapped him up & figured I'd keep my eye on him! In the last 3 days I have changed a fair proportion of water in the tank twice & treated this with tap safe to ensure they don't become over run with all their waste & filters working great.
I have come home tonight from my 13 hour shift to find Loki floating & cloudy eyed ( was fine last night) and Jo the celestial lookin a little flat in nature at the bott of the tank hence second water change ( changed half of my 55 L tank). I have put some de shelled pea's in for Thor & Loki (both pearl scales) & intend to take a water sample to the pet shop tomo & buy treatment for the swim bladder & cloudy eyes.
Do I need to put Loki in an isolation tank or do I maybe need to get a couple of fish into a new tank as I've got too many of the little guys in one tank? There is a good surface area, water temp is maintain at 22 degrees and the fish appear happy together....
Any help appreciated as I want a happy home for my little chaps!
Category: Coldwater

Author: Judgegeo (11:13 pm)
So. What a nightmare of a move!!

All was going well until it came time to move the filter, all hell broke loose. First the primer broke out.. then the cheap plastic spray bar snapped. I got to the local MA for almost bang on 6, and purchased and EFX300, which is oh a much higher build quality than the APS I was running.

This lead to a slight problem, which I posted about on the forums. I had a BIG raise in nitrites. So carrying countless buckets of water (did a water change at 11pm, waking everyone in the house up..). All seems well now with nitrites back to 0. Can only assume while the filter wasn't working so good the bacteria went into a dormant state, and have now awoken.

Had a slight play with my stock.

I did have;

1 Opaline Gourami (three spot)
2 Kissing Gourami
6 Cherry Barbs

I now have;

1 Opaline Gourami
1 Red BN Plec
12 Cherry Barbs

I know the plec isnt best suited for my hard water, but I couldnt resist when I saw him in MA.

Next up will be the Lake Kutubu Rainbow fish who will add a bit of colour to the tank.

Anyway - an update photo from this morning. Will take one tomorrow when the new barbs have settled in.

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Category: Coldwater

Author: Judgegeo (11:13 am)
Reflectors arrived and fitted.

Tank is now half filled, brought up to temp, awaiting transfer of fish and water from current tank. I've run a filter over night with some fine filter wool to try and pick up any dust that's left over from the gravel.

I used 2 different sizes of stone. The bigger of the two is from Unipac (which I am fairly disappointed), the smaller is the pets at home own brand.

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