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Category: Miscellaneous

Author: JohnBlack (3:54 am)
I have a 30 or 40 gal tank. its actually been a while since i took some water out and added some fresh water. ..... so i checked to see how dirty it is. by like moving around the rocks and the water became dirty. anyways my question is what can i do.

I already took half of the water out and put new water in it. water is in bags now cause i have to wait . i put a little salt rocks in because its suppose to clear water thats what it says on the box.

and also I am looking into buying a heating and cooling from
Guppy Aquirums Cooling and Heating

please let me know your thought
Category: Miscellaneous

Author: G-Man (1:31 pm)
Have now bought 2 x Juwel 600 x 650 3D backgrounds.(finally)
1 x Rock and root and 1 x Rock.
Came in a very big box.
Also have just purchased 2 x Juwel rock terraces and am waiting for these to be delivered.
Once I have these I will start posting pictures as I did not think an empty tank made for good viewing
The plan is to cut away some of the foam at the back to take the inlet and outlet from the external pump, so they are hidden.
I also plan to cut out further holes in the face of the background to allow me to insert live planting into the background.
I have been delayed by DYI projects and the adoption of a cube tank and 2 goldfish that a mates wife was edging towards the toilet!.
My wife is now keen I get the big tank finished, providing I promise to keep to 2 tanks
Category: Miscellaneous

Author: psymongreen (1:25 pm)
Happy Feb fishy people! I can't believe the year is going so fast! Anyway, time for a little update

Happy news first - After a lot of driving around, I finally got the Rosys some girlfriends. They are quite possibly the most active fish I've seen! They certainly have me worked out - I only have to walk in to the dining room and they all come over to see if its time for a nibble! So much fun to watch though - definitely entourages me to eat at the table more

I thought I got all girls this time so that it would be a 50/50 mix, but under the tubes I picked for this tank, the front tube really brings out the "rosy" so it's hard to tell! I'm pretty sure I do have a mix though. I'll try and dig out the camcorder and post up a video of the little darlings. I will be leaving this tank to mature now - I might consider a bristlenose at some point in the future (pH is about 7.2 at the moment)

On a sadder note, you may have seen my thread regarding my Amazon tank. After "helping" a cardinal on Saturday, I've noticed 1 further tetra with a tiny white spot in the same place. It's strange that it seems to be only effecting the Cardinals and only 1 at a time. I'm thinking of getting a UV unit, to see if that helps. Still not 100% sure on the diagnosis. I have taken some pics on my camera (rather than my phone) and I might have a look to see if they are any clearer. Unfortunately, I was a donut and left my memory card at home this morning

Marine: Still not got any water in the tank! I've decided on stock, so it's just a matter of time and money now! I'm thinking of starting a thread detailing how much my "cheep" little cube has cost to date. And that's without doing any mods! :-s

Anyway, more later
Category: Miscellaneous

Author: psymongreen (11:29 am)
Well, it's been a fair few months since my last post on here. As the blogs were mentioned with regards my tank log post, I thought I'd give a little update on all things fishie for me

First off - My Amazonian tank: I've got a slight issue with my Cardinals - A little white blob appears on the tail, which gets bigger over time. I've lost one so far, and now have 1 with a large blob, and 1 with a tiny spec. Currently treating with Waterlife Sterazin, but not sure this is the best thing. I've already tried Waterlife Protozin. We shall see what happens... If this doesn't help, I'll try Waterlife Octozin - and then I'm at a loss...

Still not sure what happened to poor Andre, but the girls have a new "stud" called Ozzy. After a rough start (the girls were not impressed!) he has now settled in, and his girls are much happier. In fact, they seem to be getting on better now than before.

First new project - I've finally aqua-scaped my empty tank.
Looking at 8 Five banded barbs initially & still deciding on a 2nd fish - possibly some Rosy barbs. Media is sitting happily in my 1050 external maturing. Should be ready this weekend

Original Image

Currently, I've got (from Left to Right) Anubias Barteri on the wood, behind that is Cabomba (Can't remember the exact type!), Some nice Java fern on wood, Vallisneria Spiralis in the corner, some lovely plastic grass stuff and a couple of Echinodorus latifolious from my Amazonian tank. This is my first time buying plants from Aquajardin, and so far I'm very impressed. We shall see how they take. The aim was to leave lots of swimming space

My other project, is a Dennerle Nano marinus 60 cube.

Original Image

So far, all I've done is taken it out of the box, and tried the light

I am SO looking forward to that project - need to finish a spot of DIY in the lounge first though...

I'm thinking of upgrading the stock Skimmer, and going for a few soft corals, Hermits, Snails, Shrimp, a small Goby (or pair) - maybe a Neon and maybe a firefish/Royal Gramma.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be more updates to follow
Category: Miscellaneous

Author: Brigitte (2:33 pm)
Hi everyone

Sorry it has taken so long to get this up, but have finally done it. This is an attempt at a mini review with some pictures of different stages of setup but please all bear in mind that I am a first timer here, and have never owned or set up a proper tank and filter before (I refuse to count my pathetic 21L as a proper tank!), so have nothing to compare to. So this is more or less a description of my experience rather than a proper review. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it so please let me know if it belongs somewhere else on this site. Thanks!

ALL POND SOLUTIONS TANK: 4ft/120cm, 330L, black

This particular tank was not in stock when I first ordered it (this was clearly stated on their website so I knew before I ordered it). Unfortunately I did not receive the tank until just over a week after their stock came in, but this was due to my work schedule rather than any inefficiency on their part! For anyone interested in these tanks: you will need to arrange to be home and sign for the tank. You are able to pay an additional fee of around ?40 for a morning delivery or Saturday delivery, but if you opt for the free delivery option you will need to set aside a whole day to be at home as you will not be able to specify a particular delivery time.

The tank arrived very well packaged, the tank and cabinet (flatpacked) were in separate boxes, and the tank had fine bubble wrap around it inside the box, and several layers of heavy duty bubble wrap around the box. APS were very helpful during the whole process, checking to see if I had been successful in scheduling delivery and also whether the tank arrived safely.

Original Image

The instructions that came with the tank were extremely basic, I am not sure if this is standard or not, but I was hoping for a kind of 'idiot-proof' step-by-step picture guide. The APS instructions are very brief and without pictures, but having put together lots of flat-pack furniture, the cabinet at least was fairly quick and easy to figure out ad put together. I did not delve to deeply into the instructions for the internal filter (again without pictures) as I had by this point decided I was probably only going to use the external.

Original Image

Putting the tank on the cabinet was an experience with only 2 of us, it is a lot heavier than I anticipated - again, newbie!! I then proceeded with my 'goldfish-proofing' thanks to some super tips from Suey2! I found a able Tidy product for aquariums that consists of some brackets that attach to suction cups, and you clip your airlines and cables into them. I removed the suction cups and stuck them back to front (using the flat front surface) onto the inside of the tank using clear aquarium silicone, for my airlines to be secured into.

Original Image

I also stuck down the 2 airstones with aquarium silicone, and weighed the airlines down with plant lead weights coiled around them. Suey2 suggested extra lengths of airline due to shrinking over time, to avoid them being pulled off as they shrink, so I have snaked plenty of length across the base of the tank before clipping them up the side into the cable tidy. There is also extra length between the air pump and the tank.

Original Image
Original Image
Original Image

I attached the inlet pipework suction cup holders in the gaps between the brackets to keep everything neat and tidy in one place, and it fits over the brackets perfectly - it is held far enough away from the side of the tank so as not to be pressing on the airline at all. I attached the spraybar at the opposite end, but have since reduced the length as it took up most of the length of the tank!

Original Image
Original Image

The hood of the tank houses the lights and internal top tray filter system. The back flap accesses the filter, and the front narrow flap is for general tank access, feeding etc.

Original Image

As I said I decided not to use the internal filter so did not go through the process of setting it up. I found the instructions slightly vague and it seemed a bit complicated, but again may have been the fact that I am very new to this. There are 5 boxes side by side on a sort of runner, so they can slide sideways a little. Each one has a hole at the right end (in the bottom box, the box inside it, and the lid and foam pad). The right most tray has a platform jutting out to the right that I think the powerhead clips onto. Each box has a removal box that sits inside it, with a grate-type lid to go on top. A thin foam pad (black) sits on top of the lid. When it arrived, there were two spray-bar tubes that sat on top of the foam pads running the length of the 5 boxes, and there was a bag of pipework joints that look like the connect the hole on each box to the next? This was as far as I got with figuring it out. If anyone wants more detail/more photos of this, send me a PM and I will try and put it together for you to see.

The lid also has cutouts for external filter pipework, however, depending on the size of your pipework, it may not fit as the internal filter boxes partially block both holes. (The cabinet also has a hole cut out on one of the three back panels for external filter pipework, and as all three panels are the same size you could put this one at either end when building the cabinet, which is great!).

Original Image
Original Image

In the end my wonderful OH unscrewed the left side panel of the hood and slid the left-most filter box out and re-attached the panel for me. With the extra space I was able to slide the remaining four boxes more into the centre leaving the cutouts clear from any blockages!

The green pipework that runs between the external filter and the inlet and spraybar was very stiff when I unpacked it and it was tough to position it properly and get it through the hole

After that it was just a matter of adding gravel and plants and filling up!

Original Image
Original Image

The tank had no leaks at all and the final stages of the set-up went really quickly It is not solid oak or pine or anything fancy, but does not look cheap and nasty at all, it looks really nice all set up and my OH (a sceptic at best!) was also rather impressed given the price of these compared with the bigger names. Overall I am very pleased with the tank and I would highly recommend it!


I ordered this filter with the tank, and as with the tank, it was also out of stock at the time (also clearly stated on the site). I guess they must be popular! It is quite a hefty sized filter, I am not sure exactly what I was expecting but I was very surprised at the size!

Original Image
Original Image

The instructions that came with the filter were a lot better than the ones for the tank and cabinet, colour pictures etc, which made it very easy to set up.

Original Image
Original Image

When you remove the motor head (not sure if this is the right term) you see the media baskets lovered by a grate type lid. This version of the filter has 4 media baskets as opposed to the 1400EF version which has 3. The baskets are massive with tons of room for media - great for messy fish! The filter came with a poly foam pad in the bottom of each basket, with bioballs in one, ceramics in one, carbon in one and the last one empty. I have changed the set up to have Fluval pre-filter media in the bottom basket, all four poly foam pads in the next basket up, together with the sponges from my old tank that I added later just before I moved my fish across, then ceramic noodles (I did remove the bag they were in), then filter floss in the top basket. I did initially try to put the plastic bioballs in the bottom tray on top of the fluval pre-filter media, but after starting it up and getting major leakage I figued out that there was too much in the bottom basket preventing the motor head from sitting completely flush and sealing. After removing the bioballs I had no more leaking issues! So although there is tons of room, be careful not to overfill!

Original Image
Original Image
Original Image
Original Image
Original Image

The inlet and spraybar pipework comes in 4 sections each so the length is adjustable. I used the full length for the inlet but took 2 sections of the 4 out of the spraybar. Not sure if this has made the flow stronger or weaker - still learning so will play around and see!

Original Image
Original Image

There was adequate length of green pipe to reach where I needed it to, in fact I had to shorten it. It was really easy to attach and secure the green pipe at both ends and the tank has been running just over a week now, no leaks in the pipework. The black plastic parts (filter baskets, inlet and spraybar pieces etc) are not the strongest plastic I have ever come across, but as my arms are not the strongest either this shouldn't be a problem . Basically, treat them gently and they are fine.

The filter primed fairly easily (I think?) - I double checked all attachments then pumped for a bit on the blue button and hey presto, water came out of the spraybar! Apart from the bit of leaking when I filled the baskets too much, I have had no further issues since adjusting this and am very pleased with this filter. It is REALLY quiet and you don't really even know its on unless you have the cabinet door open. Despite its mammoth size it fits into the one side of the cabinet with room to spare.

One happy tank owner who will definitely be using APS again!!
Category: Miscellaneous

Author: EagleC (6:43 pm)
The little one died when I did a water change from the big tank in preparation to move it. I bought some more eggs, a pack of about 30 and decided to hatch them in the bigger tank again. I had maybe 5 hatch and they all died inside a week. That's 3 failures in a row.

I'm now thinking; this tank I'm using was owned by fish novices and the water was like pea soup when I came round and rescued their barbs. They quite probably put in an algae killer at some point to try to clean it up or even snail killer as they had some green mush in the tank that may have once been plants too. These things often contain copper in which case up I'm right up the spout trying to use this tank for triops. It would explain the appalling hatch and survival rates. Perhaps I'll try killifish but not at the moment.

Work has been killing me, while trying to do this several new projects have turned up and thanks to this and a primary server going knockers up I've been regularly working 8am to 6pm then 10pm to 2am during the week and then 8am to 4pm Sunday. This has effected both my enjoyment of the tanks and my sense of humour.

So I get home last Friday and found Dory had a serious fungal infection that wasn't there the night before. Looks like she banged her head and got an infection. Now Dory is not a fish that enjoys attention and the only way I could catch her is to strip the tank and drain it to 6" of water. (had to do it before) Even then it would be difficult. I really couldn't face the destruction and wasn't convinced that it was a good idea considering my tank is FOWLR (and a few soft corals more or less thrown in.) So I picked up my invert friendly, "reef safe", oodinex, turned off the carbon and UV and dosed accordingly.

Instantly the mushrooms shrivelled, the cowrie hid and the torch coral disintegrated (although the torch has been on its way out for months now). 3 days of this and the mushrooms appear to be recovering, the cowrie is unhappy but alive and I no longer have a flatworm problem. Better still Dory is improved but this was a very dramatic example of what 'reef safe' actually means. Terrible. I need to get things back in control and I need to find and train someone to look after all these fish for me because next year I'm going to Florida for 3 weeks.

As you can imagine with all this and 2 kids that are currently 'testing boundaries' I've taken the only sensible course of action with the triop project... I give up.
Category: Miscellaneous

Author: EagleC (9:09 pm)
Hello again,
I've not blogged anything for a while but I have a new project on the go now. Triops! I know this is a fishkeeping website but triop care isn't that different and so here is FK's first triop blog and rough guide.

The story so far...
I never had triops as a kid and have always been fascinated by the weird and wonderful so last Christmas my wife surprised me with a box called Triop World. Billing itself and everything I would need to keep triops it contained a pamphlet, a clear plastic yoghurt pot (maybe 500ml) and a three sachets.
The sachets turned out to be one of sand - about 50g. One of food, looks like standard fish feed pellets, and one of eggs and food.

The instructions tell you to fill the pot with bottled water (because chlorine and chloride are not liked by triops)
Wait until the water is at room temperature then add the eggs. Feed daily. Add the sand after three weeks. Do a partial water change every two weeks.

I decided to do some online research and found that most of this was pandering to the "make it easy or people wont buy it" line of thinking .

With the assistance of sites like and a few others that I can't find any more I learned that what I really wanted was a small aquarium of 4L per adult triop. A filter that would be considered safe for fry and somewhere to put it.

My credit with the wife had all but expired so rather than spending money I got on with redecorating the living room and fitting a 47" HD LCD to the wall. This pleased the wife but left an awkward empty gap next to the sofa... what would we put there?

A visit to Ikea saw the purchase of a sturdy chest of drawers which we could keep the remote controls and game controllers in... something tells me that if you need a chest of drawers for your remote controls technology really has taken over your life!

During this time my daughter made a new friend, when her parents came round they spotted the multiple tanks and asked if I would take theirs off their hands as they'd lost patience and where feeling guilty about the fish. These guys:-

Original Image

Seen here fully recovered in my tank they where sadly homed in a 30L mess that was opaque with blackish slime algae. The filter had broken months before, several dead fish kept them company and the water was so murky I couldn't tell what they where until after I'd bagged them up, even then their poor frail bodies made them hard to identify.

The good news is that these poor little fishies are now much happier in my 220L planted tank and I have a 30L tank hood and light.

Thanks to work hours giving me no time at all to go round the lfs it took me ages to then find that none of the lfs sell a simple sponge filter. I bought an Eheim Pickup 2008 and stretched the toe of some tights over the inlet strainer.

It took another week to get back to a lfs that sold sand, maidenhead wanted ?25 for a 25kg bag of sand. Not impressed guys. I rode the extra 50 yards to Wydales garden center and collected a 25kg bag of playsand instead for ?3.99. Same stuff minus the little fishies on the bag! Seriously, what a racket.

Rinsed the sand, filled the tank with RO and a dash of tap/remineraliser making the TDS around 80ppm. Triops like very soft water and they spawn in fresh rainfall. Dropped in a couple of bits of bogwood that I had lying around too. Now when it clears I'll add the plants.

Original Image

So that's it. Thanks for reading and now we are up to date I'll try to be a little more concise next time
Category: Miscellaneous

Author: rogi85 (8:54 am)
Hi Guys,

I've just started a blogg listing all fish jobs including aquarium/technical/sales! The site's just been started but will hopefully grow into a fishkeeping career site in the future!

Take a look


Category: Miscellaneous

Author: TetraLinz (4:35 pm)
OK. For those of you who don't know, I'll start from the beginning. Then you'll all know what I'm going on about

It started 6 weeks ago, when I went to my nephew's birthday party. The party was held at a children's adventure play area - which had 2 fish tanks (I reckon they'll be about 15gal each). Both tanks had tankbuster fish in them. In one, there were 4 Silver Dollars and a cichlid (identity unknown). The cichlid didn't have any tail or fins left, and paddled and bounced in the water rather than swam In the other, they had 2 clown loaches, and a single rainbowfish. Both had filters, at least, but that's about the only positive thing I can say for them.

I sent a letter to the company later that week, after being unable to get the cichlid out of my mind (I don't mind telling you I was tempted to grap a bag, scoop it out and take it home with me), and asked on this forum for people's opinion on the letter.

On the following Tuesday, when I still hadn't received a reply, I phoned them and asked them if they'd received the letter. They denied it. My hunch was telling me that they did get it, and they were just trying to mess around with me (NOT generally a good idea ) So I sent them another letter by recorded delivery. They got that on the 6th Mar - and I know they did because I used Track and Trace.

Now for the update (or lack of ).

For those of you who HAVE been following the thread, I haven't given up, abandoned or forgotten about those fish. Sadly, there still hasn't been any word - which just reinforces my suspicion that they did get the original letter. My next plan of action is to go and see if they've done anything to improve the living conditions of the fish. (Sadly, I think I was a bit too late to save the cichlid. Just a hunch, but the condition he was in . . . I'd be surprised if he's still alive. Maybe it's better for him if he isn't. That way he's not suffering anymore. ). With this in mind, I've been planning on going this week, but twice I've been in that area, and twice I haven't managed to go because of other commitments (and a bus that took me in the opposite direction - which I didn't realise until it was too late because they've changed the numbers ).

So, it's been arranged that, the next time my brother takes his son to the adventure playground, I'll be going with them (permission granted by bro himself ).

I'll be keeping this Blog updated as and when things develop.

Meanwhile, if you want to read the thread, help yourself; ... =ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0