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Category: Tropical

Author: Superfish (4:50 pm)
Just got them a few hours ago:
-1 Corydoras sterbai
-1 Corydoras alinos
-1 Ancistrus
So excited!!!!
Category: Tropical

Author: dbawldy (2:27 pm)
Ok first time blogging so here goes...

Day 1: preparation for the arrival

So excited for tomorrow starting to get impatient recieving a juwel rio 400

to allow room for the tank I have moved the Juwel rio 125 from the corner around to being flat against the wall

hoping it wont be to shabby as will be having the tanks overlapping slightly in an L shape fingers crossed pictures to follow on day 2 :)
Category: Tropical

Author: Fishlady (7:46 pm)
This project is now on hold for a while as the tank I was going to use is now a fast flowing set up for Jon's White Cloud Mountain Minnows and Hillstream Loach.

I'm loving it: WCMM are much under-rated and I'm finding them to be very attractive and active fish.....I knew my procrastination on the Betta tank must have a purpose and now I know what it is
Category: Tropical

Author: Fishlady (1:22 pm)
Well I managed to kill my first lot of daphnia. I'm not sure how, but they were very sluggish on arrival and though they rallied, I'd lost them within 10 days. I think I overfed them.

I'm starting again with a slightly different approach; reusing the container I received with the "starter kit", but this time I've put sand in the bottom, added a mini sponge filter and intend to put some MTS in there as well as the daphnia. To avoid the possibility of a problem with the daphnia supplied last time (seller has had some poor feedback lately), I'm going to buy a bag of live daphnia from an LFS and use them to start the culture. At least there's less chance of them getting too cold or otherwise being damaged in the post.

The microworms, however, have taken off well and I've been harvesting small amounts for a few days. I'm using a small paint brush to wipe around the sides of the container where the worms congregate and then rinsing them off into the Ember Tetra tank. The Embers are very keen on them!
Category: Coldwater

Author: Judgegeo (11:13 pm)
So. What a nightmare of a move!!

All was going well until it came time to move the filter, all hell broke loose. First the primer broke out.. then the cheap plastic spray bar snapped. I got to the local MA for almost bang on 6, and purchased and EFX300, which is oh a much higher build quality than the APS I was running.

This lead to a slight problem, which I posted about on the forums. I had a BIG raise in nitrites. So carrying countless buckets of water (did a water change at 11pm, waking everyone in the house up..). All seems well now with nitrites back to 0. Can only assume while the filter wasn't working so good the bacteria went into a dormant state, and have now awoken.

Had a slight play with my stock.

I did have;

1 Opaline Gourami (three spot)
2 Kissing Gourami
6 Cherry Barbs

I now have;

1 Opaline Gourami
1 Red BN Plec
12 Cherry Barbs

I know the plec isnt best suited for my hard water, but I couldnt resist when I saw him in MA.

Next up will be the Lake Kutubu Rainbow fish who will add a bit of colour to the tank.

Anyway - an update photo from this morning. Will take one tomorrow when the new barbs have settled in.

Original Image
Category: Coldwater

Author: Judgegeo (11:13 am)
Reflectors arrived and fitted.

Tank is now half filled, brought up to temp, awaiting transfer of fish and water from current tank. I've run a filter over night with some fine filter wool to try and pick up any dust that's left over from the gravel.

I used 2 different sizes of stone. The bigger of the two is from Unipac (which I am fairly disappointed), the smaller is the pets at home own brand.

Original Image
Original ImageOriginal Image
Original Image
Original Image
Original Image
Category: Coldwater

Author: Judgegeo (9:43 pm)
Blog to show development of my new tank. ... uarium-and-cabinet-vxa030

Current progress;
Tank + Cabinet (maidenhead aquatics)
T5 Lighting Controller 2x39w (ebay)
T5 Tubes (from lampspecs - cheaper than "aquarium branded")
APS 1000EF UV (from current setup, fully cycled)
APS 300W heater (again from current setup)
3D background (included with tank purchase... apparently worth ?120)
2x resin bogwood (from the range)
25kg Unipac black aqua gravel (going to get some sand aswell)

2x reflectors (in the post.. somewhere. As soon as these arrive I can start putting things together.)
Co2 kit (going to purchase next month when funds allow. ... latorsolenoid-p-6179.html for use with a fire extinguisher)
LED Night lights

Pictures to follow tomorrow.
Category: Tropical

Author: Fishlady (4:17 pm)
My daphnia culture kit arrived today. I was worried the daphnia may not have survived as it had been posted 5 days ago and it's been so cold, but fortunately they were alive, though somewhat sluggish on arrival. After they'd been in their permanent set up for a few hours they were much more lively, which is encouraging.

I received a plastic container, a bag of live daphnia and some food pellets. I filled the container about half-way with a mixture of fresh dechlorinated tap water and water taken from one of my tanks. I acclimatised the daphnia just as I would fish by floating the bag and introducing some of the tank water every ten minutes for half an hour and then tipped the daphnia into the tank. I added a food pellet and piece of Java moss from one of my tanks so now I need to wait and see if they reproduce.

Here's a photo of the daphnia in their container:

Original Image

I checked on the microworms too, and though I can't tell for sure if they're even alive, I think they are as there are areas on the surface that look kind of glossy. It should take about two weeks to see a big increase in numbers, but at least they don't smell at the moment!

Here's a photo of the microworm culture. You can see the mashed potato around the edges, but the main focus at the moment is the area with oatmeal as that's the medium they arrived in:

Original Image

I'm housing the cultures in the cupboard under my Roma 90, and have a clip-on light in there to provide illumination for the daphnia. I'll be putting the shelf back in so I can run my brine shrimp hatchery in there too.

Original Image
Category: Coldwater

Author: G-Man (12:28 am)
Have now started (finally) cutting the Jewel rock and root panels.
I will add pictures this weekend.
I have cut away sections so the background is not so dominant and sculpted the (IMO) ugly pre-caste edges.
After trialing some mixes of sand, I have got a great match to the 3D background. Using silicon I have coated the sculpted edges with the sand and it blends beautifully (result!)
A bit of time and thought was put into fitting the outlet pipe from the filter into the tree stump, with the mouth of the outlet hidden in a wood knot I have cut away.
Another pleasing result was cutting through to the glass among the roots so that I can add a back light from outside the tank.
I have also made the planned cutouts to add plants into the 3D wall.
Into these I plan to insert aquarium planting media in small bags sewn together from larger Jewol filter bags. The idea is to cut a small cross through the bag and insert the plant roots so the soil does not escape.

The terracing I also purchased has now been cut to fit.
I now just need to decide on what mesh/sponge to use in the background to cover the cutaway for the inlet. Then it will be on to siliconing the main bits in.

Things waiting to go in are:
Aquarium planting media ( I also plan to use John Innes no2, providing I can buy one where all the ingredients are documented)
Sand ( v good match to the 3D background)
Pea gravel
Large Bog wood
Resin case tree roots, that I plan to cut to fit to the 3D background.
Heater (to be hidden next to the inlet behind the background).

will add pics soon. thanks for following.

Category: Tropical

Author: Fishlady (2:23 pm)
Well I haven't made any progress with the tank yet except in my head where I now have a good idea of how I want this to look, but my microworm starter culture arrived in the post today.

I'm hoping to successfully culture these as food for any fry the Bettas may produce, as well as for fry from other breeding projects. They'll make a good addition to the Ember Tetras diet and help condition them for breeding too.

I decided to use instant mashed potato as my culture medium as from reading around this seems to be least likely to develop very unpleasant odours. I used an empty butter container with about half an inch of instant mash made up to a stiff consistency; moist, but not at all runny and mixed in a little dried yeast. The culture was spread evenly over the surface and then the lid put on, with a good number of small air holes so now I'll just need to wait and see if the worms start to reproduce.

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