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Category: Tropical

Author: Ruruo (12:06 pm)
My first attempt at a planted tank with soil subtrate. I have a planted 23 l Lovefish tank from Pets@Home at the moment. Since I'm upgrading to something much larger I thought to try out using soil as substrate.

It's still at the planning and preparations stage. So far, this is what I will do:

100 l Clear Seal (30"x12"x18")
Filter: Fluval U3
Heater: Interpet Deltatherm Aquarium Heater - 150W
Lighting: n/a - personally I think the room this tank is in has decent light. The plants in my current tank have done well for over a year without additional light.

Silica sand (1/2 inch)
Gravel (1/2 inch)
1" soil* mixed with red clay**, and left over eco complete (100ml)
Handful of peat moss

* (soil will likely be either Wick's topsoil which is sterilized with no additives, john innes no3 or some form of organic potting soil. I haven't had a chance to check for option at a store yet.)
** (will also need to check stores for availabilty/appropriateness... it'll either be Hobbycraft terracotta, 100% molar clay kitty litter, or akadama bonsai soil)

So it'll have a scattering of peat moss at the very bottom, since the peat has good nutrient retention (CEC)Then I'll put the soil mx on top of the moss. Then the gravel and sand over that.
I think I need both sand and gravel as cap, because the gravel will have the weight and substance to hold the soil down and the fine sand will be good the cory cats I plan to add to this tank.

I haven't started sorting this out yet, since I've just finished researching the substrate. If anyone has suggestions le me know :)

It will get anubis, amazonian swords, dwarf sag, and java fern from my current tank. Bronze crypts and baby drarf tears looks good.


Fish this tank will definitely have:
5 Harlequin rasboras from current tank
3 Amano Shrimp from current tank
4 Cory Cats (always wanted them^^)
Malyasian Trumpet Snails to help with sifting sand

Fish I want it to have but am unsure:
1 Pearl Gourami - they're gorgeous but I've read too many conflicting articles on how best to house them. If a 100l is enough for 1 then I'd love to add this fish to the tank. Otherwise, and suggestions for a centerpiece fish?

3 swordtails - 1 male 2 females?
3 additional Harlequins?
Red Cherry Shrimp - Will the gourami eat them?

once agan suggestions welcome :)

Total fish - 16

Original Image

(the large tank looks smaller because of distance... The small tank used to be where the large tank is.)
Category: Coldwater

Author: KMJMP (12:23 pm)
I started doing a fishless cycle two months ago for my 55 litre coldwater tank.I have been getting regular water checks and my ammonia is always either too high or too low. recently the guys at pets at home have said just to empty the tank and start the cycle all over again.

Before I do that does anyone know how to fix this or maybe what I am doing wrong?

I add food regularly and remove it a day or two later. I had used tetra safe start as well as tetra biological bacteria.

My results for today's water test are :
ammonia 0.50-2.0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 5.0-20ppm
PH 7

Any advice is much appreciated.

Category: Tropical

Author: tulu68 (8:00 pm)
Hi Everybody I wonder if anyone can help.
I have a 260 litre fish tank. Using a aqua one cf 1200 external filter. I have an ornament with air stone attached and another air stone at the other end. The tank is heavily planted with real and silk plants majority real. I did have 2 filters in but took one out to start a new tank up.
Since taking the other filter out my external filter isn't doing well. Have a spray bar under the water have changed the direction of the bars one now pointing down the other facing towards the front glass. I've moved the drain basket shape fitting half way up the tank to try and catch more waste I've hoovered. Still lots floating round. Will try and post a photo. I've tried various ways of positioning the spray bar
Thanks for your help in advance.
Category: Tropical

Author: K-M (3:57 am)
Hi there everyone, for the past 6 weeks I was cycling the 60g aquarium and I have just recently started adding fish over past 3 weeks, I'm running two 70 gallon filters on it, one on each side and i have the water temperature balanced at 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

*1st Week*
2: 3" Common Goldfish
3: 2" Comet Goldfish
1: 4" Shubunkin
(All previously in 40 Gallon)

*Last Week*
2: 3" Bala Sharks
3: 1" Cory Catfish
(purchased that day)

1: 4" Weather Loach

I wanted to know if this is gonna work out if I continue to do the 20% weekly water changes plus filter cleaning monthly.
And I'm aware that almost every fish I've chosen will outgrow this tank, I was wondering how long I could sustain them all in this 60g until it becomes a blowout.

Please if you may, offer me any advice or help me out if I've made a mistake with the fish I've picked out for this aquarium.

So far other than the weather loach disappearing in the stones, all the fish are compatible and showing no signs of aggression.

I think the temperature is perfectly adequate for goldfish and Bala's, the water feels warm at the bottom and lukewarm at the top.
Category: Coldwater

Author: KendallKid (9:03 pm)
Please see the photo in Photo Gallery. I have had both these hermit crabs for about seven years. Last week one of them shed and came out with orange legs instead of red ? any ideas why this could happen..?
Category: Coldwater

Author: crabby platy (3:33 pm)
Hi fellow fish keepers,
I have a query regarding my platys, we have 5 girls and one boy in a 60 litre bi orb tank with fresh weed, and water quality is fine,
when we first put them in they swam around lovely, but the past 3 weeks they only swim when the room is dark , so it's hard to see them.
we have guessed it is because they are scared, but do any of you guys have any ideas to encourage them to swim around again?
Any suggestions greatly received as we have a very bare looking tank at the mo!!
Category: Marine

Author: coffeecup (5:48 pm)
Can anyone tell me how to remove the protein skimmer pump
from my nano tank It is well and truly stuck
Category: Coldwater

Author: El-Finn (10:52 pm)
Any help much appreciated!
I am one week into my tank set up which has two Pearl Scales, two small black moores and two small celestrial eyes! Alls been going well apart from Loki the pearl scale. He appears to be suffering from swim bladder & cloudy eye. He didn't look fantastic when I first bought him but of never come across the colour of pearl scale he is so I snapped him up & figured I'd keep my eye on him! In the last 3 days I have changed a fair proportion of water in the tank twice & treated this with tap safe to ensure they don't become over run with all their waste & filters working great.
I have come home tonight from my 13 hour shift to find Loki floating & cloudy eyed ( was fine last night) and Jo the celestial lookin a little flat in nature at the bott of the tank hence second water change ( changed half of my 55 L tank). I have put some de shelled pea's in for Thor & Loki (both pearl scales) & intend to take a water sample to the pet shop tomo & buy treatment for the swim bladder & cloudy eyes.
Do I need to put Loki in an isolation tank or do I maybe need to get a couple of fish into a new tank as I've got too many of the little guys in one tank? There is a good surface area, water temp is maintain at 22 degrees and the fish appear happy together....
Any help appreciated as I want a happy home for my little chaps!
Category: Tropical

Author: piggo64 (3:50 pm)
Original Image

I decided to build my own stand after much research, You Tube is great for this!

Original Image

I picked up some kitchen doors off Fleabay for ?5!, I will use these to face the stand....

The tank itself I got from Fleabay (again) it measures 72"x24"x30"
It is made by ND Aquatics from 12mm glass with a double thickness 10mm base. It weighs around 400 lbs!

The water will weigh around 800 kilos (approx. 1500 lbs)

Still can't decide what to keep in it !
I have always wanted to keep Discus again after a 15 year break, but I am also tempted to set up a Mbuna style biotope...Decisions , decisions...LOL

Filtration - wise I have a trusty Ehiem 2217 that I am very happy with, although any suggestions as to others would be most welcome :)

The other option I am considering is a sump. I have a juwel 50 gallon that I could use, again any suggestions for a return pump would be much appreciated.

Original Image

The tank is pre - drilled two drains and one return...


I have moved the stand into the living room at last!

Now I must get to work building the sump...

Original Image
Looks like I have my work cut out!!
Category: Tropical

Author: Eiskalt (12:40 pm)
We've bought a used,250L Juwel Rio tank. Cleaned and cycled it. We started with 5 Black Phantom tetras and 3 Platys. One female was already pregnant. So now I have two fry in the hospital tank. The rest must've gotten eaten. Unforutnatly when we got the Tetras there was a 4:1 Male to female ratio. So we bought some more girls for them :) That seems to have calmed them down a bit.

Then we got some White Sailfin Mollies and some rainbow fish and Peppered Corydora. A day later the Molly had fry! LOL! So I've only rescued a few and the rest have had to become dinner. I don't have the space to keep them all. However, if anyone knows where or how to sell them or if it's possible to take them to the LFS for credit or trade, then let me know

Lots of live plants. Currently waiting for a few more plants to put at the back of the tank. Also have some Yamato shrimp and 2 Red Cherry Shrimp.

They all seem to be doing well and no fighting. Though the Rainbow fish and the Mollies seem to play tug of war on the Algae wafers. The Rainbow fish seem to like schoaling with the Mollies and the Platys. They are lovely fish. So underated.

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