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Can someone help me with my dilemma?
Category: Coldwater

Author: GenericFishUsername5 (3:24 am)
HHi all, I am an amatuer fish keeper with 2 goldfish in an 8.5 gallon tank. However I am struggling, in August my 2 fish recovered from an ICH infestation and ever since then the tank has gone downhill. No matter how many times I replace the water and the filter these particles that are floating in the water wont disappear. I can tell this is stressing out the fish as when I feed them they consistantly open and close there mouths in a manner that makes it seem that they are ingesting the potentially dangerous particles. Im really hoping to fix this soon, I am thinking that I should completely replace the water but I do not know the consequences of doing this, if somebody could give me some advice on what to do I would really appreciate it!
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