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New tropical setup
Category: Tropical

Author: S900mdr (9:12 pm)
Just bought a second hand 200l Ciano tank with aqua one external power filter. Just finished the setup today. Currently have 2 tiger barbs which I plan on upping to 5 or 6

Think I plan on stocking the tank further with

Dalmatian Molly x5
Cory catfish
Pair of red spotted severum

Would this work as a community?
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You should ask this question in the forums...

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 Not a good combination

No, severums and cories are soft water fish. Mollies need hard water. Tiger barbs are soft water fish as well and will nip at the fins of other fish. Ideally you need to up heir group to a dozen or more to curb their nipping, but first establish whether or not your water suits them.

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