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George left us today for the big pond where all goldfish go :(
Category: Coldwater

Author: Joanne (11:12 am)
I know I haven't posted in quite some time, so I'm sorry for this being a sad return.

I woke this morning to find George belly up between the filter and heater. I'm a little bit heart broken.

I tried for half an hour to revive her, moving her right side up around the tank hoping water through the gills would do something, gently tapping the underside of her tummy while I did so. Nothing happened. She's gone.

I just want to thank everyone who replied to my posts when I first aquired George and helped me get on my feet with her care. Without you she wouldn't have had a better past four years than her entire sixteen put together.

Even now there's little thread veins in her tail where she was still trying to repair from all the past years of damage, so losing her while she was still trying to grow, it's just made me start crying again.

My sister confirms she was ten years old when George came to the family, making George two months short of seventeen

She weighed 275g and measured 13.5 inches tail to mouth. A far cry from the weak yellow tiddler I took in four years ago.

George, you little champion of resilience and hope. You will be missed.

I've never wanted fish to have eyelids more than I do now so they could close.

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