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Author: Ants (8:04 pm)
Most of the stuff i've ordered from the internet gradually trickles in through the post during the week, and on friday I get home to find my plants have arrived. I'd better get cracking!

The first thing I need to do is drain all the dirty water from the tank. First beginners mistake of the day... forgetting to unplug the pump and heater first! I quickly unplug them, and decide to leave the rest of the water in my filter area alone, snails or no snails.

The next job is to remove the old substrate, which are white pebbles, which I hate. Removing these from the tank reveals several small medium sized snails, and a handful of worms which I believe are Planeria? I suspect eggs etc. will be throughout the filter system, but I decide to risk it, I do however pour a little boiling water into the bottom of the tank area to try and sterilise that. Voila, one empty tank.

Original Image

Next up is the substrate. I have 9kg of Eco-complete, this turns out to be about the right amount for my tank. I build this up towards the back of the tank.

Next to go back in the tank is the wood that's been soaking in there for the last week. I pour severeal kettles full of boiling water over it to get rid of any nasties that may have been on there and try to find a pleasing position for it in the tank. It turns out to be a little too wide for the tank in the orientation I like so it's off the the back garden with the wood and a hammer. That's much better, it sits quite nicely in the orientation I want and I dig it into the substrate a little until it feels solid/stable.

Next it's time for the plants to start going in. I've ordered an Anubias, this I know doesn't go in the substrate but gets attached to/grows on the wood. Luckily there are a couple of conventient crevices in the wood which this sits in quite nicely. The rest of the plants were an eBay special where the seller was offering a random selection of any excess stock he had left over by the end of the week, and way more plants have arrived than I need... I could probably plant two tanks!!! I have no idea what any of them are, so I select the ones that I think might look best and guess on how to plant them

Once everything is in place it's time to add some treated water back into the tank and switch everything back on.

Original Image

Original Image

The only thing that hasn't arrived so far is the Ammonia, fingers crossed that comes tommorrow so I can start cycling the tank. The water in the tank sould have cleared up by then as well.

Next time: On yer bike! (Tank cycling)
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  • Home away from home

 Looking good!

Looks great - which ebay plant listing did you use? Maybe pm me if you don't mind?
Also where did you get the aquarium wood?

  • Just popping in

 Re: Looking good!

Sorry for the late response, been out all weekend with a combination of family/social events and looking for the fish I wanted to buy at local(ish) fish shops!

The aquarium wood was from the Range:
There is a store a couple of miles from my house, bought 2 pieces, the large one you can see and a smaller one I didn't end up using for about ?18.

The plants were from 2 sources:

The Anubis and java ferns:
These seem like good healthy plants.

Everything else:
A couple of these did have snail eggs on, which I didn't notice at first, and I'm pretty sure this is the source of some of my snail (although the tank came with it's own "built in" population.

I have since added some dwarf water lettice from
These grow like mad, great staters floating plant, I'm probably going to have to remove some by next week! A word of warning though mine came with some Damsel fly larvae, one I spotted immediatly and removed, the other I only spotted last night... couldn't catch it with my tweezers but I think I may have mortally wounded it.

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