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Divided Male:Female Betta Set Up - Post 3 - Daphnia Culture
Category: Tropical

Author: Fishlady (4:17 pm)
My daphnia culture kit arrived today. I was worried the daphnia may not have survived as it had been posted 5 days ago and it's been so cold, but fortunately they were alive, though somewhat sluggish on arrival. After they'd been in their permanent set up for a few hours they were much more lively, which is encouraging.

I received a plastic container, a bag of live daphnia and some food pellets. I filled the container about half-way with a mixture of fresh dechlorinated tap water and water taken from one of my tanks. I acclimatised the daphnia just as I would fish by floating the bag and introducing some of the tank water every ten minutes for half an hour and then tipped the daphnia into the tank. I added a food pellet and piece of Java moss from one of my tanks so now I need to wait and see if they reproduce.

Here's a photo of the daphnia in their container:

Original Image

I checked on the microworms too, and though I can't tell for sure if they're even alive, I think they are as there are areas on the surface that look kind of glossy. It should take about two weeks to see a big increase in numbers, but at least they don't smell at the moment!

Here's a photo of the microworm culture. You can see the mashed potato around the edges, but the main focus at the moment is the area with oatmeal as that's the medium they arrived in:

Original Image

I'm housing the cultures in the cupboard under my Roma 90, and have a clip-on light in there to provide illumination for the daphnia. I'll be putting the shelf back in so I can run my brine shrimp hatchery in there too.

Original Image
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