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Andr�'s Exploits... New additions?
Category: Tropical

Author: psymongreen (9:23 am)
It looks like Andr� has been a busy boy. As I posted yeterday, Steffi was being very broody and I came home to find she has laid a load of eggs on the side of the cave.

Anyway, came down this morning and I wondered what Andr� was doing at the other end of the tank - one of the other Agassizi has also laid eggs! Andr� has had a very randy 24 hours!

So I've not got 2 batches of eggs at either end of the tank. The poor corys don't know where to go - they keep getting chased away.

I did a quick bit of reading last night and it looks like if all goes well, they could hatch between 2 and 4 days after being laid.

I was thinking of trying to get the eggs out now, but I have since changed my mind - I'm going to let nature take it's course with this batch and see what happens. Maybe next time I'll be better prepared with a seperate fry tank already set up - better read up on that as well I guess!

Anyway, I may be offering some Apistogramma Agassizi to good homes at some point in the future - fingers crossed

Mum with Eggs:
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Sounds excited..i will cross my fingers for them too x

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One of the batches of eggs has vanished - this could be because the other fish fancied a light snack (although Mum was being very protective) or she may have buried the fry in the substrate which I hear they do from hatching for the 1st week. Other batch of eggs was still on the bogwood and being guarded when I left for work this morning. based on the time frame of the other batch, I guess they should start to hatch and be moved in the next 24 hours...

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 Re: Fry?

What's happened to them lately??

Kelly x

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 Re: Fry?

I think the Corys helped themselves to a lite snack to be honest

The fry made it to the substrate I think, but I've not seen any movement since then.

On a plus note, one of my Corys has now laid eggs on the glass and some of the Amazon swords

I guess they must be happy with conditions

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