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Author: psymongreen (9:27 am)
One of my female Agassizi has been causing mischief all weekend. She?s been chasing the poor corys every time they came down ?her? end of the tank. Poor little corys had no idea what was up. Anyway, I think I now know why ? I came down this morning to find her tucked in the bend of the cave. Not on the inside of the cave ? on the outside. Dozy fishie. Anyway, she looks to be giving the sides a good clean and Andr? is hovering ?displaying? about an inch or 2 outside of her little patch. Looks like they may be getting ready to have some fishie fun. I?ll try and get some pics when I get home.

On another note, I have now spotted about 6 little Assassin snail babies in the tank ? they are so cute at that size! They can only be 1 or 2 mm in size.

Anyway, must get on with some work ? maybe more later on Andr? and his romantic intentions towards ?Steffi?
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Looks like I was right - checked when I got in and there are quite a few eggs where she is gaurding

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