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Setting up a native british fish aquarium, any ideas?
Category: Coldwater

Author: timbo (1:48 pm)

I would really like to set up an aquarium with native british fish such as roach, chub, bream, barbel, etc... I havent found anywhere that sells them as yet. Does anyone know where you can buy them? Has anyone else done this and got any tips?

thanks for your help

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  • Just popping in

 native coldwater fish

if you can get to stapley water gardens or bridgemere garden world they have some native coldwater fish for sale i keep native fish so if you need some advice get in touch

  • Not too shy to talk

 can not keep this fish.

I read some time ago that some British fish cannot be kept as pet's.Becouse someone sent a letter to a fish mag planing to do a set-up on the same lines as you are planing and thay was advised that some fish are on some tipe of list, im sorry i can not give you more info on the fish on the lists, but all can remember is that some fish cannot be kept as pets. Sorry.

  • Just can't stay away

 Re: can not keep this fish.

Good idea I keep tench in my koi pond, they grow to about 8-10lbs. Your only problem is Have you got a tank big enough.

  • Just popping in

 I've got roach in my fishtank!

Hi, I am new to this website but have been keeping tropical fish for several years. I recently decided to sell my tropical collection in favour of something a bit different of the coldwater variety. Luckily, where I work, we have a compressor coolant pond filled with local water and mysteriously well-stocked with small roach! I managed to net ten of them and transferred them to my 400 litre tank where they are flourishing at a temperature of almost 25 celsius! They feed very well on frozen bloodworm and coldwater flakes.

  • Just popping in

 Re: I've got roach in my fishtank!

have you thought of taking a wlak along local rivers/canals and talking to the anglers?
I am sure they pull out some tidlers that would feel at home in a large tank.
I have always wanted to keep perch in a large tank, but feeding them live fish has gotta be bad for the karma.

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