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Poorly Black Moor fish #1

Can anyone help me? I have 3 Black Moors. 2 of them are relatively new to the tank. I have had the oldest one (George) for about 8mths. 2 fish have been and gone and now I have replaced the other 2 with 2 more Black Moors.
George seems prone to white spot fungus-y stuff, which we have been treating and he seems to get over it quite well. Recently i have noticed a white 'dart' shaped thing sticking out from one side of his top fin. Tonight we have noticed a growth on the other side. His behaviour hasn't really changed apart from he moves a lot less since I introduced the other 2 about a month ago.
The other 2 don't appear to have any problems.

Please help!
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Re: Poorly Black Moor fish #2
Hi there I guess you didn't quarentine the new moors before putting them in with george because its sounds like they may have passed on a parasite, Read the link below and see if anything sounds like what he has and then get back to us, good luck.
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Re: Poorly Black Moor fish #3
How is George? Any news

I heard Black Moors are quite hard to keep? Is this true Goldy?
I heard they are very sensitive to the chemistry of the water
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