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Nano Step By step #1
Can someone tell me what I'm going to need exactly if I get a nano? I know live rock, (Im not that stupid.)

Im interested in maybe some shrimp, and a Clownfish or two. Maybe some Gobys. Something colorful, but don't need large spaces. I know starting out big is better, But I dont have the room and I dont need my mother to kill me.

Im looking into a nano, so any Help, Advice, would be fannnnnnntastic.

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Re: Nano Step By step #2
if you want clownfish then i'd say (percula clowns) a 2foot tank as an absoulte minimum
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Re: Nano Step By step #3
you will need....
*the tank (if you got room for a two foot, get one, not too big, not too small!)
*lighting, if the tank is taller you may need more powerful lights, but i have a foot high tank with t8's and muchrooms and polyps doing well.
*2 small pumps for circulation, one small internal filter and filter wool (for mechanical filtration only) a heater (?) not sure, how cold does it get where you are? but still a little heater would be good to drop temp dropping too low at night if it gets cold. but the temp on a reef will drop and rise during the night/day natural, so will tolerate a little change. there are quite a few small pretty fish that would be ok in a tnak that size.
*enough sand (coral or similar) for a 3" sand bed
*then the rock! (bout 2lb per gallon)

make sure you get good quality salt mix, it may cost a little more, but it will save you having to buy and dose supplements /additives, and the test kits for those extra things!
lastly test kits... there will be a few extra ones you should have, like calcium. for a start, coralline algae wont grow properly if there is not enough calcium.

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