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Hi all

i have a hozelock ecopower 4500 filter for my 1000 ltr pond and it has a 1" foam sponge layer in, is it possible/feasible/worth while adding another layer of foam to help with filtration and does it have to be sponge purchased from the fish shop or can normal household foam be used as long as it is washed out first etc.

regards as ever to all


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You could add extra sponge but I would use a special filter one as household ones sometimes have extra chemicals added.
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re the house stuff, is that like the padded stuff to go in cushions/chairs? (sheets of foam) if so they do a grand job but you'll be cleaning it like every day or 2 as it blocks up and it'll slow the filter down

go with aquatic stuff, u can even buy the large cheap pond foams and cut out the circles ... 46a09780fb212570c234886e7

the japanese mating wont cut easy so i wouldnt even look at that stuff
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