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guppies diet changes when I add shrimp #1
So my community tank recently inherited a bag of guppy babies from a friend who was over-ran with them. They've been in my tank for around 2 months now and have all survived (around 20 of them). There is also a dozen cardinal tetras, 4 leopard Danio's and two brown Plecs all happily co-existing together.

So this week I added 5 cherry shrimp to my tank on Thursday at lunchtime. I've got a gravel bottom and lots of river stones in there, so plenty of biofilm and algae for them to chomp on. Since adding the shrimp i've not seen one of them and I'm hoping that they're all hiding in the plants and between the stones, there is lots of crevices and hiding places for them.

Strangely, the baby guppies has now immediately developed a taste for algae and are now for the first time pecking at the plants in my tank almost constantly. Its something they never bothered with once before I added the shrimp to the tank. Its like they know that this specific food source is now going to be eaten by someone else so have developed a taste for it. Weird eh!