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New 22 litre tank. Betta or a few of something else? #1
Firstly, Hello. This is my first post and this post sees me getting back into fish keeping after about a 15 year absence. I bought a 22 litre tank that I was thinking of just having a Betta in and maybe a couple of shrimp but wondered what I could have instead in terms of options due to the limited size.

I'm setting up the tank tomorrow and will let it cycle properly before adding fish to it .I bought some, plants, wood, water conditioner, bacteria in a bottle for want of a better description and some fish good to help with the cycle. I've been watching you tune videos to assist with the cycle as I've forgotten so much despite also remembering a lot of other things. Any advise on a fishless cycle with proven methods would be great and I thank anyone for their responses in advance.
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Re: New 22 litre tank. Betta or a few of something else? #2
In a tank so small you're really limited to a Betta I'm afraid.

Here's an article on fishless cycling: https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles ... hless-cycling-article.htm