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Blind African Cichlid #1
Hi! Just wanted to post here and hopefully get some advice as I'm struggling with knowing what the right thing to do is. I have a tank of African Cichlids and about five months ago went to an aquatics and fell in love with a Cichlid with one eye and brought him home, he's been fine up until a few weeks ago when he got popeye in his good eye, I treated it as advised by professionals in the aquatics but the eye couldn't be saved. He is in a quantine tank I set up and has been in there for about 3 weeks now and is healthy and eating and looks as happy as he always has, I'm stuck on whether or not I should try returning him into my main tank with the other fish or to set him up a proper tank on his own? I just worry as some of the cichlids are feisty and I don't want him to get injured or struggle for food, but I also don't want him to be depressed on his own? Any advice would be amazing, thank you.
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Re: Blind African Cichlid #2
With Africans being so feisty he may struggle to compete for food and be bullied by other tankmates, so if it was me, I'd keep him separate from the rest