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deco-O tank advice #1
hi there, i have a 20L Deco-O fish tank, and i cant seem to find any advice on how to maintain it. it was given to me by an old support worker, who set it up for me as i had no clue what i was doing the filter is a round sponge filter, and she said to me that it doesnt need replacing like the old marina filters i was using on my previous tank. when i asked how often i need to clean it out, she said that i shouldnt need to- the filter will keep the tank clean.
however, the has gotten so dirty a few times now that i have had to clean the entire thing out, which is no mean feat.
i cant seem to find any deco tank experts!! does anyone here have one? and if so, could you provide me some advice on how often i need to clean it, or whether just part water change will do etc..
many thanks God bless you all :)
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Re: deco-O tank advice #2
Change at least 25% of the water every week and clean the sponge in the water taken out of the tank. As you syphon out the water, suck up any dirt or left-over food at the same time.