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Carbon to remove meds - how long? Need to move asap #1
How long should I leave one of these in to remove meds?

I have completed 2 x dewormer rounds, need to do the third then using Sera Baktopur. Using 1 x carbon insert in U2 in 70l hospital tank. I do NOT usually have carbon in my filter as it kills my plants in main tank.

Done changes inbetween rounds of ndx but would now like to use this inbetween.

Also conscious I need to get the anti bac in there asap due to the nature of the issues, and the strength of anti bac required to treat the lab confirmed issue.

I don’t know how long carbon takes to work and know I need to remove before next med.


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Re: Carbon to remove meds - how long? Need to move asap #2
24 hrs.