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Please help #1
So I did a part water change 2 days ago, I have come down today and my albino tiger barb is swimming in around whilst looking like it is spasming. It does look like one of the other fish has nipped its tail, is this something I can treat or is the end of the line for this little guy?

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Re: Please help #2
What are the precise readings for ammonia/ammonium, nitrite and nitrates?
Have you used anything in the same room as the tank that could be potentially toxic (eg paint, air fresheners or other aerosols)?
I definitely wouldn't say it's the end of the road for him yet. A few points:
* if you have a spare quarantine tank, heater and filter (into which you could put a portion of the mature filter media from the main tank filter), it might be best to move him into that and see how he fares out of presence of the othersl
* also worth checking to see if he still swims in the same way with the filter switched off for ~15secs, or whether he reverts to normal swimming - it might be that he needs a gentler flow for a while until the issue resolves itself;
* does he have a damaged fin (eg pectoral fin)? That can sometimes affect swimming and incorrectly make it seem like a buoyancy/swimbladder malfunction.