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???Remove substrate for White spot treatment #1
Unfortunately having to start treatment for white spot, on my 2 canarys,
All I want to know is, should gravel be removed to aid treatment??
If so, how/if can it be effectively cleaned??
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Re: ???Remove substrate for White spot treatment #2
There's no need to remove the substrate.
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Re: ???Remove substrate for White spot treatment #3
If you remove your substrate, you will remove a load of your beneficial bacteria and that could lead to potential ammonia/nitrite spikes that would further weaken your fish.

I would recommend water changes and medication.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe carbon will clean your medication out of the water, so you may want to remove that until you have finished treating your tank.
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Re: ???Remove substrate for White spot treatment #4
Yes, absolutely - carbon and zeolite should be removed while medicating.
For clarity, don't undertake water changes *during* the treatment course as it will dilute the medication required. Plenty of water changes afterwards is fine, though, to keep water at optimum quality.