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Can 2 diff types of Shrimp breed? #1
Hi guys. Ok sooo...... I have a lovely community tank with 2 types of shrimp, Cherry and Bamboo! I had the cherries first who have bred several times, the babies are all red (obvs) some opaque some see through but all “cherry red” the bamboos are browny/grey with a pale stripe down their spines. Bare with me I’m sure u all already know this jus want to give u all the info.
So few weeks ago I noticed another new batch of “cherry” babies (nothing new they’re flippin rampant lol) but as they’ve gotten bigger it’s very clear to see they all have a distinctive paler stripe down their spines. All research I’ve done is that is difficult to breed bamboos but the babies have this stripe that I can’t explain!!!! Has anyone heard of or experienced this at all???
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Re: Can 2 diff types of Shrimp breed? #2
All cherries came from a wild type that is brownish and can have a cream stripe, and the various colour forms were selectively bred. Left to breed indiscriminately they tend to revert to wild type eventually. Cherries and bamboos can't breed together as they are separate species'.

The bamboos are unlikely to have bred successfully as the shrimp larvae need brackish water, which the adults (and cherries) wouldn't survive in. Without that, the larvae won't develop.