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Building Around Dwarf Gouramis #1
Hi, everyone.

Having grown up with fish (marine) I thought it time to embark upon my own adventure into fish-keeping. Given the time, money involved, and faffing around with my arm in a salty bucket of water with marine I’ve decided to go down the tropical route (which I know isn’t easy, but I believe it is certainly easier).

I’ve settled on getting 110/120L for stability of water. I can’t really go any higher with the space I have.

These last few weeks have been an adventure in getting a real grip on tropicals. I had my heart set on German blue rams, but having read about them being quite delicate and having been out of fish keeping for a while I’ve decided against it.

I have instead really taken a fancy to dwarf gourami. I love the colours on them and having seen a few colourful females in store (rounded bodies and rounded fin so I assume) I think I’d like a small harem of 1M/ 2F.

Clearly that doesn’t leave me a lot of scope outside of them without overstocking.

So I’d appreciate some advice and guidance on stocking appropriately. I’ve researched fish that should be comparable (temperament/ water conditions etc). My ideal is to build the tank around the gouramis.

My wish list is below and I’d really appreciate any advice and guidance on ideal stocking options. Some won’t go together and some fall outside of each other’s parameters, which is exactly why I’m asking for help!

- killifish (heard mixed reviews on how community friendly they are)
- cherry barb
- ottos
- harlequin rasboras
- green rasbora
- I also like platies and mollies but I think their size makes them incompatible with a three gourami in the tank.

I’ll take any other suggestions. I like colour and peaceful natures. Mostly I just want the gourami to be happy. They’ll definitely rule the roost!

Thank you so much for any help.
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Re: Building Around Dwarf Gouramis #2
Stocking depends on what your tap water hardness is - gH and kH. AT the moment your list contains both hard and soft water fish, so find out how hard your water is and then reconsider. You can get a good idea from your water supplier's website where the page on water quality should have a form to enter your postcode to see water quality in your local area. For a more accurate reading use a gH and kH test kit: ... 37f126:g:wzgAAOSw96ldzXAQ