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Will this behaviour die down or should i return one? (Kribensis) #1
Hello, ive recently got back into fishkeeping and i have got a tank set up.

120 Litre aquarium. Been cycled and has since being set up been home to 6 zebra danios. I have always wanted to keep cichlids, and I've read from many that Kribensis are a good place to start for a medium sized aquarium.

Well i went to pets at home (not much choice sadly in my area but they have a half decent selection) and this week they had a delivery of Kribebnsis which i was always hoping to get, so i bought a pair.

I ran immediately into a few problems however. Most of the krib in the store were really small, really about a inch in length and although i know what to look out for when it comes to sexing (females rounded bodies) i really couldnt tell the difference between the fishes genders. They all looked male to me going off pictures. Store assistant wasnt much help either.

Anyway I wanted to get a male and a female, and figured maybe the female would grow into its traditional adult shape so i bought 2 and took them home.

When i released them they got along fine for maybe a few hours, before the slightly bigger one started to scare off the other one. Since then the smaller one hides behind the plants and the heater and gets chased off each time.

I hoped, even, if they were both male, they would mostly get along fine as they are both small and have loads of hiding places/fairly good sized tank however the bigger one just kinda swims across the whole tank doesnt really hold a specific " territory" like i assumed they would.

I would be better off returning one of them right? (which one btw, the bigger one is a bit of a dick but hes more colourful it seems)
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Re: Will this behaviour die down or should i return one? (Kribensis) #2
Unfortunately, this often happens if you pick two randomly.

To get a pair you either need a known sexed adult pair or if buying juveniles, buy six and wait for them to pair off. But you then have the problem of what to do with the remaining four as once a pair is formed and breeding they won't tolerate others in the tank. Some LFS will let you return the spares (but you need to ask when buying the group), but Pets at Home are unlikely to.

In the meantime, you'll need to return one or both of the ones you have. If you keep one, he may not tolerate you adding more, later.