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Trying and failing to treat this poor barb #1
This poor critter's eye just keeps getting worse. This is one of three barbs in my tank: all three were afflicted with body sores and what appeared to be white threads hanging from those sores. I have been dosing the tank with API MELAFIX Freshwater Fish Bacterial Infection Remedy daily, and with Waterlife Parazin P Fish Lice & Anchor Worms tablets once a week. I perform a 20% water change each week.

The symptoms on the other two barbs have almost disappeared.

This fellow's behaviour hasn't changed despite the terrible-looking eye: it's still lively, hangs around its friends, and eats with gusto.

Can this forum please suggest any other courses of action?

Tank is 110 litre tall cylinder. pH 7.4. Ammonia, NO2, NO3 readings are all zero. Other tankmates: 10 tetras, 6 plecs. All appear healthy.

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Re: Trying and failing to treat this poor barb #2
Glad the barb is leading a full life despite his affliction, and glad the other two have improved.

Before we offer any advice on potential treatment or course of action, just a few queries:
* how long has the tank been set up? [NO3 at zero is very rare/unusual, although my own is close to that. What brand of test kit is it?]
* may we see a photo of the tank, to gauge its dimensions better?
* do you know what types of tetras and plecs you have? If not, may we see a photo of those too?
* how did the eye problem start out - what did it look like and how did it progress/evolve and over what timeframe?
Answers to these ought to help us to advise you better. Thanks.