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Water change temperature #1
Hi everyone again

Asked a few questions on here before and got very helpful answers. Probably a touch simple this one, but genuinely interested if I can reduce stress risk.

When I current do a water change I check the temperature of the water going into the tank and I've got quite good at getting it fro the tap within a couple of degrees Celsius off the tank.

Anyway this time I did the same and the tank temperature seemed to drop 1 degree after the water chnage.

Is this OK and is there a better way to get the new water to the right temperature?
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Re: Water change temperature #2
As long as you're within a couple of degrees either way it will be fine. If you want to be super-accurate you can fill a large container with water and use a tank heater with a powerhead for circulation and heat the water that way. That's how I do it, but only because I use all RO so when I make the RO it's fed into a couple of 100 litre water butts and then I add minerals and mix and heat before using in the tanks.