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New Fish Quarentine #1

I'm looking to Quarantine all new additions to my 200L tropical tank going forward after an addition of new stock wiped half my tank out a little while back.

Long story short - All water tests came back clear at the time, temp was all ok and had no problems with the tank from the beginning with plenty of fish added. I added a small group of neons which died back soon after adding them and many of the tetras i had in there also died off one by one in short space of time. (Symptoms looked like Neon Tetra Disease) Anyway....

All settled back down now in the tank and no losses now for around a month, all water tests are good so im looking to stock the tank again but to be precautious and setup a small quarantine tank for all new additions.

I have got a 25L tank with mature filter sponge for quarantine purposes, what i want to know is;

1) Those of you who Quarantine - Do you use any sort of treatment whilst they are in the small tank?

2) How long do you keep them in the quarantine tank to be happy that nothing will break out disease wise?

All Help appreciated,

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Re: New Fish Quarentine #2
You're definitely making the correct decision to quarantine any new stock.

I don't use any medication while the fish are in quarantine - although would if I saw evidence of illness. I quarantine for 4 or 5 weeks, having read of others who had outbreaks of whitespot at 3.5 weeks. I might quarantine for 6 weeks in future, just to be on the safe side.