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Converting to marine #1

Apologies if this has been answered before, I searched and saw some very old posts on it, so thought I’d ask as the tech has moved on?

I have previously had a marine tank, I currently have a tropical setup in a Juwel vision 450 and want to convert to Marine.
1) I have a fluval 407 external filter, is that enough? Add another additional filter?
2) should I add the Juwel protein skimmer?
3) I have the Juwel twin T5 light units x2, is this enough or convert to LED?
4) And still run a UV light?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Converting to marine #2
As far as I know, we no longer have any marine fishkeepers on this forum. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong and someone may be able to answer your query. However, if not, it may be worth having a hunt around for a specific marine-keeping forum. [See my response to ... wtopic.php?topic_id=41155 for some potential pointers to some.]