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Zebra danio has white lump on bottom lip #1
Right so, hi all, I have 4 zebra danios, and first of all one has been jumping out, I caught her jumping out for the second time and I have no clue why, I have 3 which look the same and 1 which looks completely different to all the other ones so it's hard to distinguish which one was actually jumping out, out of the 3, so I noticed that one of the 3 fishes have a white lump on the bottom of their lip, I have a photo attached on here so you will hopefully will see, and I don't really know what to do, any help is greatly appreciated

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Re: Zebra danio has white lump on bottom lip #2
I notice they're all congregated immediately below the water surface - are they getting sufficient oxygen (ie is there a ripple/break-up of the water surface from the filter outflow?

Reasons for jumping can include impaired water quality and therefore an attempt to escape, insufficient tank size and therefore lack of swimming room, or a fright such as the tank located in a busy part of the home with a lot of movement/noise or unsuitable tankmates. Similarly, the shite lump may be accounted for by the first two of these. What are your water readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, and what brand of test kit are you using for each? What size of tank do you have for them, and are there any other tankmates (and, if so, what and how many of each?).