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Newbie tank advice #1
Hi, new here.

I’m looking at getting a fish for my daughter, I’ve only had goldfish before when I was a child and I’m sure I did much wrong.

I was looking at relatively easy to maintain fish. I’ve read a single male betta are easy to look after is this right? Or is there another type of fish that could be more suitable?

Also tanks and set ups, I’ve never had a tropical tank before so I don’t even know where to start.
Pets at home told me a biorb 30L classic tropical tank would be perfect for a betta but looking on here I see people are very against them. What is the best tank to get for a betta.

Thank you
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Re: Newbie tank advice #2
A single male betta would be ideal. (However, I get the impression that they don't seem to be as long-lived as they used to be - a few years at best.) The 30L Bi-Orb you describe is best suited to shrimp, snails, and the betta is probably the one fish that would be alright in that environment. An alternative would be ... tropical-aquarium-black-2, PAH's Lovefish Panorma 40L or the Fluval Flex 34L or 57L or

Alternatively, a minimum 64L (60x30x30 footprint) tank such as ... k-64-litre-%28in-store%29 or ... 1hKghNEAQYASABEgKagfD_BwE would house a shoal of white cloud mountain minnows. The downside to having a shoal of fish is, if one/several become ill, it's often best to treat them in a separate tank with separate filter to prevent putting healthier fish through unnecessary treatment - and you may not be in a position to have this extra equipment.

If I were you, I'd go for the betta. I can't think of another fish that would do well on its own. Hope that's helpful.