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Brown hair algy. More or less c02? #1
Tank Roma 240
6 hours light
7 hours c02

My tank is on week 12 and its started to get horrid long brown hai algy on all my moss and in the faster moving water current.

I am trying to remove it daily with a toothbrush however here is the confusion I went to my local fish shop today and had my water samples tested and everything was OK.

He suggested reducing the lighting to 4 hours and the CO2 to 3 hours.

However I have recently bought the best selling freshwater aquarium book from Amazon and it suggests that I reduce the lighting I but increase the CO2 concentration and the amount of time I am using it on for.

Any experience on which way I should go?

Less c02 or more bubble and on longer any help I'm at a loss?

5 hours light + 5 hours more bubbles c02


4 hours light and 2 hours c02

Here is my tank now.