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swallowed mouth and not eating #1

Hi tis fish has stopped eating oday and his mouth swalloed. we ddint see any signs befor today.

Im not sure his kind just that hes a mbuna

ive rescued him about 3 mounths ago from a neglected tank, right now hes in a 120L tank alone ,with good filteration 100L/h WC every week 20% , temp 26C ,feeding novo rift by JBL

his poop seems fine as well

could it be that he layed eggs and took into his mouth even thoug his alone there?

if not do you know what is it and what to do?

thank you
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Re: swallowed mouth and not eating #2
I'm not familiar enough with mbuna to be able to tell what's up but, if you are referring to swelling around his mouth, then your suggestion of eggs might be a possibility, as might a heater burn, or gravel.

Optimum water quality at all times is paramount to enhance healing.

Maybe someone else can provide more specific advice.