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Covid-19 - Don't forget the fish! #1
During the pandemic remember it may be difficult to obtain everything you need for your fish as shops close and the public are asked to only venture out for essentials. With that in mind here's a list of things you may want to do to ensure your fish remain happy and healthy.

Make sure you have enough water conditioner for those regular water changes and enough for extra emergency changes if necessary. Consider buying Seachem Prime which doubles up as an effective neutraliser for ammonia and nitrite in the event of spikes in either.

For those using RO, ensure you have enough for a few water changes at hand, along with plenty of your usual remineraliser.

Check your fish food supplies and replenish if necessary so you don't unexpectedly run out.

Have basic medications at hand as if the shops close, the extra day or two saved by not having to order online may make all the difference. A good anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and white spot treatment should suffice. Esha 2000 and Exit or your medicines of choice.will cover these.

Consider keeping a backup heater handy in case of failure - cold fish will also be immuno-suppressed so having a spare on hand rather than having to wait for delivery can be very useful.

Finally, don't forget that during this time, your fish can be a great source of relaxation and help you to de-stress!