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Red Spot on Black Moor Goldfish Eye #1
Spike has a red spot at the bottom of one eye. He had one on the other eye and antibiotic treatment didn't seem to have any effect.

It eventually went away on its own, but how he has one on the other eye.

He's in a 64l tank with no ornaments or anything sharp or rough as we worried it may have been an injury when the first one happened.

Any advice?

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Re: Red Spot on Black Moor Goldfish Eye #2
Spike is lovely.

Ordinarily, I would have thought this was injury-induced but it doesn't sound as though anything could have caused this (and presumably another fish isn't in there that may have injured him?). Is this a 'fixed' feature (as opposed to anything moving in the eye)? If so, I would imagine it will resolve itself like on the previous occasion *provided that* you ensure that water quality is monitored at least weekly to ensure that ammonia and nitrite remain at 0 ppm and that nitrates are no higher than 20 ppm above nitrates level in tap water - sub-optimum water quality can prevent healing and create all sorts of problems.

More generally, you may find this Caresheet helpful ... esheet.php?caresheetID=50 to ensure that you're giving Spike what he requires to help him thrive.