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Guppies staying at surface #1
I've just introduced some new guppies to my tank (18 in total).
However since adding them 2 days ago, they are staying at the top of the tank (surface area) and 2 have already sadly died.

I have tested the water quality for nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, pH with my test kit and the water is showing healthy.
Inside the tank I also have a handful of tiger barbs, neon tetra's and a ruby shark. These fish were in the tank before adding the guppies and are having no problems at all. Happily swimming about doing their thing!

I initially thought maybe it was an oxygen problem despite having a healthy selection of plants, so I have increased the power from the air stone and also completed a 50% water change. Nothing has changed.

I haven't had guppies for about 2 years, am I forgetting something that is specific to them?
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Re: Guppies staying at surface #2
There are a few possibilities:
* the filter bacteria are struggling to catch up with processing the additional fishes' waste - for the next 6-8 weeks, do daily/twice-daily testing of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites with a liquid-based test kit, and if there is any presence of ammonia or nitrite, do additional/larger water changes as per ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm
[...or, the more likely explanations, if your water quality is still/currently showing 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite...]
* the tiger barbs are harassing the guppies (when you're not looking) - often, tiger barbs are best kept in a species-only tank, and the guppies' fancy tails may be too tempting for them to resist;
* what is your water hardness levels in CaCO3 or German degrees hardness? (Water/utility website ought to give the specific results or GH/KH tests.) If below the required range (143-536ppm/CaCO3), it may be that the guppies can't tolerate this.