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Plant Help for a beginner! #1
Hello there everyone, first time poster!

I have just recently purchased my first tank, a Fluval Roma 125 and I'm currently a week into cycling it, all going well so far!

I'm looking to add some plants to my tank however I never appreciated the scale of the aquatic plant world and as such was looking for some advice in getting started.

I have sand as the substrate in my tank and I'm looking to add some resilient and forgiving plants that even a beginner could have some success with, all suggestions welcome.

Finally will I need to add a substrate containing nutrients to my sand, or is the way to care for plants to use root tabs or a liquid fertiliser?

Many thanks in advance!!
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Re: Plant Help for a beginner! #2
The easiest plants are ones that don't need to be planted in the substrate at all but are tied to rocks/wood in the tank. They are slow growers but pretty much bombproof and only need some liquid fertiliser to keep them happy. Have a look at Java ferns, Bolbitis and the many varieties of Anubias.