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Plant & algae woes #1
Hi all, long time lurker, first post!

I've had a 40L tank for 5+ years now (small flat so can't go bigger).
I've always struggled to keep plants. A few months ago I did a complete overhaul - new Tetra complete substrate, gravel, new Interpet PF2 filter, new decorations, Echinodorus plants & moss balls.

Unfortunately the plants are dying off and I am getting cyanobacteria & brown algae on the gravel.
API test kit results are all fine.

I dose API leaf zone (5ml) weekly & API CO2 boost daily (1ml).

Light wise, I have a LED tube suction mounted internally on lid (can't use any side mounts).
Experimented with just a few hours of light to all-day, seems to make no difference. No direct sunlight.

Not sure what else to do really, its super frustrating.
Currently only have a couple of tetras in there, looking to get a few more and couple of corydoras in due course.

Any advice welcomed!

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Re: Plant & algae woes #2
I wish I could help but unfortunately, although some thoughts strike me, I don't have sufficient plant knowledge/experience to be able to help you comprehensively and so I hope a plant-keeper may be able to offer their views.