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Testing kits #1
Any help appreciated, complete newby. Started a fishless cycle, which has accidentally ended up being a fish in cycle (bought some plants to help with the cycle and a yoyo loach was in the roots)
I had what I think was a bloom, though it only lasted 48hrs??
I have been testing daily and all parameters look good, but there's no way the cycle is done in 3 weeks..right?
It's confusing, especially now I've just tested aquarium water and tap water with identical results. I'm guessing now test strips are a complete waste of time? Is the api master test kit any good? Thanks
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Re: Testing kits #2
The first question, which might help with your situation, is to check if you've got an adequate sized home for the yoyo loach and can meet its other care requirements? https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/ ... sheet.php?caresheetID=200 If not, then it would make sense to return the fish to wherever it came from and resume the fishless cycle.

It would be very unusual for a cycle to be completed within 3 weeks. Let us know how the cycle went, when you fed ammonia pre- yoyo loach arrival (and what source of ammonia you used during the fishless cycle part) and the various results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, PH, as you went along, and that should help us work out how the cycle has been progressing.

API Master test kit is indeed good and more accurate than test strips (although test strips can be useful to cross-check with - I find them helpful to cross-check nitrate and nitrite).