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New UK Fishkeeper : Just bought a Roma 240 - Advice please! #1
Hello all from not so sunny Leeds in the UK.

I have dabbled with aquariums (tropical) when I was younger and always enjoyed the hobbie. Now I am older (48) and have my own home I wanted a beautiful centre piece and hobby I could really get back into. I will take my time to get advice from more experienced keeper like yourselves to get the perfect tank set up.

Q: I really want a natural beautiful green tank, with lush plants. Is C02 really the way to go and is it suitable and easy to understand for a fairly new keeper. ? Suggestions on full kits?

Q: Best substrate to use? I wanted an area at the front of the tank that has no plants but sand, again any suggestions on whats best brand and make to use? should I stick with fluval?

Q: I like the 3d back drops, do they acquire mould easily, as a very young fish keeper I was never sure how to stop algy and mould.

Q: why is the water in some tanks absolutely crystal clear, mine was always a little milky.. how do you stop that?

I was planning on setting my tank up with plants and filter and letting it sit for a few weeks, while i learn about nitrates and ammonia ect before putting in any fish. So I also need to learn about what are the best plants, I really want that beautiful lush green tank look, with some nice dragon stones as center piece.

Any help or advice, or even whats the best aquascaping book to read that takes you through it ALL would be very appreciated. Thank you reading and any help/advice you can give me. (ps, i want a tropical community tank)

There seems to be so many additives and stuff you can put in the water I am a little lost with it all.