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Algae #1
I have an algae eater - bristlenose catfish - though he doesn’t seem to eat much algae!
The rocks that were white/cream at the beginning are now a browny/green with algae.
Other than just not looking as nice, will this do any harm, should I be trying to clean the algae off the rocks and if so how? It’s easy to scrape it off a flat surface but not so on the rocks.
No other problems - test regular and take a sample to local lfs who said water parameters are perfect.
It’s just the algae I’m not sure what to do about.
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Re: Algae #2
Bristlenose tend to eat very little algae once they start to grow. The algae is harmless, but if you find it unsightly you can clean it off with a toothbrush. Reducing the amount of time your lights are on may reduce it.