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Fish tank recommendations (between 90-125l) #1
I am looking to buy my teenager her first tank for tropical fish. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced tank with a good filter?
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Re: Fish tank recommendations (between 90-125l) #2
Take a look at this website for some inspiration:
https://www.completeaquatics.co.uk/aqu ... uarium-tanks-and-cabinets
You can look at it by tank volume using the relevant criteria on the LHS - https://www.completeaquatics.co.uk/aqu ... s?extra_aquarium_size=707 ought to bring up tanks in the range 81-150L - scroll down the page to view them.
All of these, probably without exception, have a good reputation.
Generally, Eheim, Fluval and Juwel have longstanding reputations, while I've heard very positive reports about the other brands such as Aquael.

Without doubt, the best shape to opt for is a rectangular shape, rather than a round/Bi-Orb, hexagonal or even square shape. A rectangular shape, and its footprint and therefore swimming length, will provide many more options for potential fish to stock than the other shapes.

Hope that helps as a "starter for ten".