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Scheduled power cut #1
Hi all,

First time poster here!

I’m due to have a power cut in just under 2 weeks time.

The power will be off 9am-5pm for 1 day.

I have a 28L tank with a PF mini filter. If I buy a battery powered air pump, could I push the air tube down inside the filter casing to sit underneath the bottom sponge so that the bubbles go up through the sponges?

Or is that overkill and just having the air stone in the tank somewhere is enough?

I’ll be wrapping the tank in a duvet to try and conserve the heat.

Any advice welcome!
Thanks 😊
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Re: Scheduled power cut #2
In theory, that seems a good plan, but I'd be a bit concerned that it somehow compromises the air tube's effectiveness. I've never had an airstone/pump and so I'd prefer to defer a definitive answer on this to someone else who has had one.

Good plan re wrapping the tank in a duvet to conserve heat.
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Re: Scheduled power cut #3
Your plan sounds good to me - it's quite important to keep the filter bacteria oxygenated so doing as you've suggested should work. Good luck.