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Newbie- stocking advice #1
I'm pretty much a newbie. Had a tank a number of years back but just starting again now after couple years without. Currently cycling atm and not far off being ready so trying to start planning but I'm so overwhelmed with choice I don't know where to begin.

240L tank with external filter. Soft water (west Scotland) bumping KH up to 2 with coral in filter...KH had been 0-1 before. pH sitting around 6.5 comfortably. Got some plants growing happily in there just now looking healthy.

Last time we had a tank we had black phantoms, harlequin rasboras, neon tetras, Cory's, shrimp and honey gourami.
I have 2 sproglets now so would like it to be interesting to them too. I don't really want to be dealing with breeding so if I remember right that immediately rules some species out.

Hoping for a peaceful community with a bit of colour. Not fussed about having gourami again but having considered likes of celestial pearl danio or dwarf rainbowfish.

I'm just so confused and feel like I'm going round in circles trying to figure it all out with our water conditions. Help much appreciated!
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Re: Newbie- stocking advice #2
If you don't want breeding that rules out the livebearers (platy, molly, guppy, endler, swordtail), but they wouldn't like your soft water anyway.

You could go for a pair or group of angelfish, a school of larger tetras like the phantoms or lemon tetras and a shoal of Corydoras such as Corydoras sterbai . If you don't like angels you could have a couple of pairs of Apistogramma instead. Alternatively, go for an Asian stock list and have a group of honey gourami, a shoal of one of the more peaceful barbs such as the rosy barb or harlequin rasboras and some dwarf chain loaches.