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Cold water mountain minnows #1

We have a small tank and had since January with 6 cold water mountain minnows in it. 1 died a couple of months ago, all of the others were fine. We went and got a Cory and a Loach a couple of weeks ago and a new minnow too. As we were adding these we saw another minnow had died. So 5 minnows, Cory and Loach. Since adding the new fish another 2 minnows have died. I'm a complete novice so thought perhaps they didn't live that long but after googling that they should leave for 5 years thought I'd better get some advice. I'm wary of adding another fish if there is a problem but also since the Cory and Loach need the algae that builds up from the other fish (if I've got that right). I'm worried about keeping them in a tank with only a few fish, won't their food supply run out? The food I have is love fish temperate flakes and love fish cold water pellets. We put a few pellets and flakes in each day. Thanks for any advice and for your time. X
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Re: Cold water mountain minnows #2
So we can help can you post the size of your tank and test results for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, please?

The fish don't generate algae, and cories are not algae eaters anyway. You need to put in some bottom-dweller food such as algae wafers for the cory and loach (I assume it's a Hillstream loach?) and some fresh veg such as courgette for the loach. Both cories and Hillstream loaches need to be in groups, but until we know how big the tank is and your test results I can't be sure you have capacity to add more.