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Platys: Random Fish Gift, No idea what I'm doing #1
TLDR: I was given 2 fish. 10cm x 10cm x 20cm tank, no filter, don't know what I'm doing. Both at the top of the tank, one died, I got an air stone and put it in but the platy sunk to the bottom and I worried I killed him so I removed it. He is once again at the top of the tank. Should I put it back? What should I do?


Hey, I received 2 Platys for my birthday a few days ago. I have never kept fish and knew nothing about it prior. The tank is only 10cm x 10cm x 20 cm. No filter. They were constantly at the top of the tank so I googled and that means no oxygen and that you should change water ASAP. I had no dechlorinisor but I was worried they wouldn't make it to the next day, so I changed about 10% of their water after running the tap for about 5 minutes. They seemed to be better so I went to bed. By the morning they were at the top again and I had ordered some dechlorinisor and then used that to change about 30% of the water. I noticed one of the Platys was chasing the other one a lot. I didn't know if they were playing or one was fighting the other but I had no other tank or any way of separating them anyway. And they were still staying at the top of the tank.

I decided to order an air pump with air stones but that would come the next day. Before the end of the day, I found one of the platys dead at the bottom of the tank. The other platy was just swimming around at the top. I didn't know what to do or how to get him out. I left it until the morning and took him out once he was floating.

Today I received the air stone, and connected it up and put it in the tank. The surviving platy seemed to be scared at first, but then he just went to the bottom of the tank and not be moving. I was worried I killed him through shock, or because the tank is too small for an air stone (there were a lot of bubbles and almost the entire surface was bubbling even on minimum power). I took it out and looked closer and he seemed to be okay. He stayed at the bottom for a while, then seemed to be moving around like a normal fish, but eventually he was at the top of the tank again.

I tried to put it in again but he just sunk again and I was really worried I was killing him through shock. So I took it out.

What should I do? Should I put the air stone back in? Do I need to order a filter? How do they work, will it fit in my tiny tank?

I would order a big tank but I don't want to be investing so much money in something I didn't really want in the first place and what if he just dies after that, or before it even arrives. But since I do have him I want to make his life comfortable at least.
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Re: Platys: Random Fish Gift, No idea what I'm doing #2
By now, I think it's unlikely the poor remaining fish has survived.

However, if it is miraculously "holding on", then do frequent water changes using the dechlorinator - this may be as little as a couple of mugfuls or a jugful twice per day.

Yes, you absolutely do need a filter - try to get one tomorrow, preferably from a shop as any delays waiting for delivery will likely make the situation too late. They will be able to advise on a suitable one for the size of your tank - but see next paragraph as no filter will fit in such a miniscule tank as you have. [As for whether the fish is better with or without the airstone - it might be better than nothing but, then again, if it's reacting so badly to it, then perhaps it's too strong for such a miniscule environment.]

I would strongly urge you to buy a Really Useful Box from a hardware store (e.g. B&Q, Homebase) - these come in various sizes but something like the 64-litre size would be what you need (or larger if you want to add more fish). These can serve the same purpose as a tank but make sure it's located out of harm's way from any other pets or young children. Then, if you decide not to get more fish or this fish doesn't survive, this box can always be re-purposed.

Alternatively/additionally, you may want to advertise the fish as "free to good home" under your county at so that someone local can collect it and give it the home it deserves.

Do have a word with whoever gave you the fish about the responsibilities of pet ownership - this is unfair on you... but well done on trying to give the fish a better life.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Platys: Random Fish Gift, No idea what I'm doing #3
Sorry to hear about your fish not doing so well friend.

We all have to learn somewhere but the person who gave you those fish is pretty irresponsible to be honest.

Get a filter straight away and get some de-chlorinater and do some water changes.

Finally, go to your local aquatics store. Not a big box store like pets at home but a store like Maidenhead Aquatics and ask the staff for help and advice. Also check out youtube videos on fishkeeping.

Aquarium Co-op
Big Als

Those two youtube channels above will have some good beginner tutorials on fish keeping to help you out. Also if you really want to let me know and i can offer some more one on one advice as an ex staff member of maidenhead aquatics to hopefully help you along your way with your hobby.

Good Luck