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Tank stocking advice #1
Hi everyone,

I posted here a long time ago about fishless cycling and the many issues I was having with it. Well, life got in the way but I have now been able to successfully cycle my tank and am the proud owner of 6 neon tetra! They arrived on Sunday and have been playing around the filter like mad. They seem to enjoy the tank.

I have a 54L tank and was thinking about another 4-6 tetras, 3 albino corys and a couple of guppies.

In everyone's experience, does this seem like an alright number to keep in that size of tank?

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Re: Tank stocking advice #2
Glad you successfully completed the tank cycling - presumably, once you'd achieved that, you topped up with ammonia as required (to keep the beneficial bacteria alive), right up until you got fish?

As for whether you could get more fish, could you remind us what your water parameters are for KH and GH, and what your water/utility website states your postcode's water hardness is for CaCO3 and German degrees hardness? That way, we'll be able to advise on which fish's requirements match those of your water. (Neon tetras like soft water; guppies like hard.)

In terms of *numbers* of fish of the size you're referring to, this will at least in part depend on what your nitrates are like. In the meantime, you could take a reading of your tap water to find out what the 'baseline' level of nitrates is (or your water/utility website may state this). [I have the same-sized tank as you and would say that you could increase the number of tetras and possibly add some small cories such as pygmy/habrosus/hastatus but you'd be pushing the stocking capacity to its limits; alternatively you could possibly add another couple of neons and have a shoal of panda cories. Cories need to be kept in larger groups than 3 and any other cories including the albinos (corydoras aeneus) need a larger tank. However, depending on your water hardness, it may be that cories or additional neons may not be suitable.]

Let us know how recently your tank was cycled and dosed with ammonia, what your water hardness is, and your tap water nitrates' level, and we'll advise further on potential additional stock and when to add.