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Fish not growing... #1
Hi, back in November I was surprised by some unexpected little grandfish from my Shubunkins. Sadly four of the fry died, but the other three were fine and after ten weeks I moved them from the small nursery tank I'd quickly set up, to a 55 gallon. They are all happy fishes and have developed well with no obvious issues, other than that two are now 2.5 inches long, but little Fry is only 1.25 inch long. He was always the smallest of the fry, but he's only grown about a half an inch in the past 5 months, whereas his brothers have grown nearly 2 inches.
I'm still feeding him powdered fry food as he's too small to eat the Hikari baby pellets. He tries, but always ends up having to spit them out and eventually gives up. He constantly digs about with the others and eats algae off the plants, along with the veggies I put in there...but is there anything I can do to help him along a bit? He had BBS for the first few months...but I stopped those once he moved over to the bigger tank.
Any ideas?
Thanks :)
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Re: Fish not growing... #2
Maybe try some live or frozen foods like daphnia or bloodworm or brine shrimp. He needs plenty of protein to put on growth so a high protein adult flake crushed up may be better than the fry food. Also make sure the others aren't outcompeting him and eating everything before he gets the chance to eat.